Coronavirus: there are no miracle foods or diets that can prevent or cure COVID-19

Since the global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), there have been widespread claims on social media that certain foods and supplements can prevent or cure COVID-19. Even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has tried to dispel such myths surrounding “miracle” foods and coronavirus, misinformation continues to circulate. Though we all want to protect […]

Novel Coronavirus: Overview, Symptoms And Prevention | Mx3 for Boosting Immune System Today

Novel Coronavirus: Overview, Symptoms And Prevention By : Edwin A. Bien MD, FRIAMd What is Novel Coronavirus (nCov)? This just in: Beijing confirms human-to-human transmission of deadly n-CoV. The “N” stands for Novel, which means the virus has not been seen before. The Wuhan novel coronavirus new-strain virus began in mid-December 2019 and has been initially observed among […]