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ASK 2 USE Blog is an article content platform wherein you can submit your own written articles for free posting, and gain backlinks to your own site in the process.

You can submit your article content for the available categories, and wait for it to be approved. It will then be posted on ASK 2 USE, with your name on the credit section and backlinks pointing to your own website!

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ASK 2 USE knows that you want to be seen by more people, thus we provide the platform for your article content.

You can pick one of the categories available in our list, then see if you have something for it. You can write a new, or rewrite an existing one to avoid it being detected as plagiarized.

Moreover, make sure to write quality articles as well, so people would recognize you as someone with stellar contents. Remember that we will keep your name on your submitted articles upon posting, giving you a good chance to be searched by readers, or potential customers and clients for your brand.

Gain the Backlinks that you need

ASK 2 USE knows how important backlinks are, especially when talking about SEO and organic visit. Thus, we provide such SEO advantage to you.

As we post your articles, (which is properly credited to you), ASK 2 USE will also include links on it. Those links are pointing towards your own site or blog, letting you gain more organic traffic afterwards.

The good thing Is, we won’t ask any charge, fees or condition from you. All you need is to write your content, submit it to us along with necessary info, and we’ll do the rest.

Just browse the site for more info, or feel free to connect with us. Of course, submit your content articles now!

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