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Filipino cockfighting, traditionally known as sabong, has been a national pastime since the Spanish colonized the island in the 16th century. As a result, legal sabong gambling in the Philippines is widespread in the islands and has become a government-regulated pastime.

In fact, the sport is so popular that the Philippines hosts the World Slasher Cup, a sabong derby commonly referred to as the “Cockfighting Olympics.” The sport is banned in many countries, but sabong is unlikely to suffer the same fate in the Philippines, where legal cockpits bring a lot of gambling income to the government.

If you live in the Philippines and want to bet on cockfights, regulated sabong pits are available throughout the country. However, many bettors want to bet on sports via the internet, which domestic operators currently do not offer. Filipinos have access to powerful legal online gambling sites for all sports betting, but the structure of sabong prevents most from offering them.

It is not a moral judgment. It is simply because Online Sabong Live is an intimate sport in which betting is done on the spot, often in an informal and unrecorded manner. Other combat sports are included in our recommended Filipino-friendly sportsbook, such as in forms of martial arts betting, boxing, etc.

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What Is Sabong?

Sabong, or cockfighting, is one of the oldest competitive sports in the Philippines. Although most countries have banned “blood sports”, its history on the islands keeps this pastime more or less sacred, a tradition that millions of Filipinos participate in daily.

Cockfighting is a martial art in which two roosters or roosters (also called gamecocks) compete in a ring. These birds are usually selected for their similarity in size and aggression and have a blade (single-edged or double-edged) attached to their left leg. However, in some fights, blades are used on the animal’s right or both legs, according to the owner’s consent.

When the roosters are ready to fight, they are released into the sabong pit (aka cockpit) and attack each other with their beaks, blades and claws. The referee can announce the fight at any time, as it is usually revealed which bird won the fight after a few minutes.

Many inexperienced observers believe these fights last a few seconds, but that’s not true. A typical cockfight can last up to 30 minutes, depending on the bird’s defensive instincts and energy level. However, because boxing sometimes involves a certain “dance” inside the box, cockfights are specifically bred to be aggressive.

Is Betting On Online Sabong Live Legal In The Philippines?

Yes, it is. The Philippine government has long regulated sabong in the country, and the governing body is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). However, while sabong gambling is only allowed in the regulated cockpit itself, underground sabong, known as “tupada” or “tigbakay”, is a prominent part of the scene.

Although the government discourages illegal cockfighting, clamping down on cockfighting has not been a priority in the past, as many black market fights are readily available nationwide.

Can PH Residents Legally Bet On Online Sabong Live?

Not now. Residents of the Philippines are prohibited from online gambling by domestic operators (aka POGO), but illegal sabong pits often contain an online component locally called E-Sabong. Overall, if an offshore operator wants to publish Sabong odds, it is legal for Filipino players to bet on them through these services.

Online Sabong Live Betting – e-Sabong

Off-track betting (OTB) on horses is common in the Philippines, and PAGCOR regulates entertainment. Horseplayers simply visit a kiosk offering promotions on the day’s races and place their bets. Of course, this does not happen online as all online gambling is prohibited on the island for Filipino residents.

PAGCOR has the nominal authority to provide OTB solutions to Sabong but has never used them. This has led to unlicensed Online Sabong Live betting, known as e-sabong, in the Philippines.

In fact, the unregulated cockfighting ring operates a website that advertises upcoming matches and odds, allowing sports fans to sign up, place bets and receive payouts. This is underground gambling and is clearly illegal. Also, while Sabong is a national sport with a rich history in the Islands, the PAGCOR and PH federal governments have taken legislative action to ban e-Sabong and Sabong off-track betting.

House Bill 8910 was passed unanimously in 2019, but President Rodrigo Duterte has yet to sign the ban. HB 8910 does not ban Sabong in the government-approved cockpit but specifically bans OTB and online wagering on sports.

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How Does Sabong Work?

Sabong fights to take place in a fighting pit, but similar to Filipino boxing matches; the fight takes place in three stages. These are “ulatan”, “ruweda”, and the battle itself.

Ulatan – A ulatan is a pre-match tape or showdown on a tape. Here, fighting cocks are bred according to their physical characteristics. This includes height, size and weight, wingspan, etc. For the fair competition, cockfights should be similar in these attributes. This is also where the knife or blade is attached to the animal’s left leg. Blades can be of different sizes and can be single-edged or double-edged. Depending on the agreement between the owners, the blade can be attached to the rooster’s right leg or both legs.

Ruweda – Then comes ruweda, who prepares the bird to enter the arena or cockpit. Rooster owners keep their birds in the ring, allowing an audience of fans and bettors to get a glimpse into the animal’s temperament and make informed sabong betting decisions. An announcer called a cassador, announces the terms of the match, and the referee, also known as the sentensyador or koyme, who is also the sole judge, stands by to oversee the match and declare the winner. A third party called kristo places the bets. Kristo takes bets from the crowd, often using a handwritten book for this purpose, but remembers the terms and payouts by memory.

Fight! – After the bets are made and the terms established, the birds are simply thrown in, knocked out of the ring, pecked with their beaks, and slashed at each other with blades attached to their feet. If there is a clear winner and no appeal is up, the referee will declare a match. Contrary to popular belief, the battle of Sabong is not necessarily a “life and death battle”. Lost birds often survive in the ring but are almost always killed afterwards due to their injuries.

Online Sabong Live Betting Odds Explained

The process is relatively simple if you want to know how to bet on Online Sabong Live in the Philippines.

You go to a cockfight, see a bird destined for spades, and give your pesos to kristo.

When the referee declares this fight, bets are paid out of the pool accordingly after the house takes its share. Here are the types of bets you can place in an Online Sabong Live (but the odds listed are approximate):

  • Parehas: Even odds, +100 (1/1)
  • Lo Dies: +125 (5/4)
  • Walo-anim: +133 (133/100)
  • Onso: +138 (69/50)
  • Tres: +150 (3/2)
  • Sampu-anim: +167 (167/100)
  • Doblado: +200 (2/1)
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History Of Philippine Online Sabong Live

Cockfighting is an ancient sport that dates back at least 6000 years and is found in parts of the world. However, the sport was first recorded by Magellan’s chronicler and archivist Antonio Pigafetta when the famous explorer landed in what is now the Philippines in 1521. Therefore, the Philippines of the modern line of Sports Cockpit Zero.

Since then, sabong has been a popular pastime on the islands and shows no signs of slowing down. According to reports, Online Sabong Live is a billion-dollar industry in the Philippines, with around 2,500 purpose-built stadiums hosting these fights in the cockpit. Cockfights on the island are estimated to kill about 30 million roosters each year, with the winners often dying from their injuries. Eating these birds after a fight is generally considered untraditional and is usually discarded.

Although many critics have denounced the sport as barbaric and inhumane, this has not stopped its popularity among Filipinos, and cockfighting has become commonplace in other parts of the world. With such a rich history, it’s clear that Online Sabong Live is here to stay.

Where To Bet On Online Sabong Live In The Philippines

The only place in the Philippines where you can bet on Sabong is your local cockpit. These sabong pits can be regulated, and if you want the best possible experience, this is clearly the route to take an Online Sabong Live. However, illegal cockpits are also rampant, with daily competitions being held nationwide.

Betting on illegal fights is fairly safe, but we recommend sticking to regulated competition such as 7XM.APP. There is no shortage, and the risk of illegal Online Sabong Live isn’t worth it.

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