Best Place to Watch Movies Online in the Philippines this 2020


Knowing the best place to watch movies online in the Philippines is a must to enjoy stellar internet connection today. Internet services are going reliable because of tighter competition in the telecom market. Hence, people can now use the internet without much inconvenience. All you need is to prepare your computer device and internet setting for multimedia streaming without lags. 


Once your computer and internet connection are set, you should know the best options for streaming movies in your place. Note, however, that these movie streaming platforms doesn’t come all for free unlike YouTube. The good thing is, these offer superior convenience and control for you to watch movies online. These let you enjoy many movies and TV shows from all over the world, as if you’re watching through your cable TV set. 


Best Place to Watch Movies online in the Philippines you should know

Without further ado, here are the top movie streaming platforms in the Philippines today:



best place to watch movies

Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular movie streaming platform today. First, it offers quality and convenient movie streaming services. And second, it produces its own quality movies and TV shows such as “Triple Frontier”, “Outlaw King”, “House of Cards” and “Stranger Things” among many others. Hence, Netflix have become synonymous with stunning films worldwide.


That’s why users need to pay around 370 to 550 pesos to get Netflix streaming services. But if you’d get quality movies and TV shows, such premium is surely worth to pay for.


  • PROS – Netflix is the best place to watch movies online in the Philippines because of the quality films it produces.  It also adds many movies and TV shows every now and then.
  • CONS – All contents, including licensed contents, are frequently added and removed from the platform.



iFlix is one of the best movie streaming platforms which feature local films. That’s because it caters local and international films, including foreign language movies. That makes iFlix popular for a wider demographics from different countries and regions globally. Of course, it offers favorable movie streaming services as well.


  • PROS – It lets users view movies using two different devices at the same time, and allows downloading for offline viewing. Moreover, it’s more affordable than other options as well.
  • CONS – It doesn’t have support for 4K or UHD display.



HOOQ is popular for users who wants to enjoy Filipino films through online streaming. That’s because HOOQ also offers local and international films on its streaming platform. In fact, people have enjoyed Erik Matti films on HOOQ, such as “On the Job” and its 2019 sequel.


  • PROS – Similar to iFlix, HOOQ allows simultaneous viewing using two different devices, and it lets users download films for offline viewing too. In addition, it offers local and international films for you.
  • CONS – It doesn’t support UHD or 4K streaming. Also, it has problematic payment scheme on some contents, such as those hidden by paywalls.



You’d love iWantTV if you’re a fan of ABS-CBN films and shows. It’s the best place to watch movies online in the Philippines, since it features all movies and shows made by the network. It allows real-time livestreaming for the network’s channels as well. Hence, it’s the perfect solution if you want to watch ABS-CBN shows while away from a TV set.


  • PROS – It lets you watch any shows and movies from ABS-CBN.
  • CONS – It doesn’t allow simultaneous viewing using different devices.



HBO GO features a wide variety of contents on its platform. You can enjoy sport events, documentaries, movies, TV shows and talk shows among many others. Also, not all contents are produced by HBO, since it features licensed shows from its competitors. And that could be favorable for you, especially if you love films from other platforms.


  • PROS – It allows livestreaming of all HBO channels. Also, it allows viewing through two different devices at the same time.
  • CONS – HBO GO has relatively limited contents for you to watch.



If you love Fox Broadcasting Company and the shows it produces, FOX+ is the streaming platform you need. This allows you to watch movies made by Fox, such as “The Homeland” and “The Walking Dead”. You can stream best place to watch movies online sports events as well, such as those from the 3 Fox Sports.


  • PROS – FOX+ allows you to use two different devices to stream shows at the same time. Also, it has downloading features for offline viewing.
  • CONS – It has lesser number of popular movies than other options in this list.


Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is the best place to watch movies online in the Philippines if you want cheaper alternative for Netflix. It features films made by Amazon such as “Transparent”, “American God” and “Mozart in the Jungle” among other shows. Moreover, it also features licensed movies from other produces such as “Game of Thrones” by HBO and “Handmade Tales” by Hulu.


  • PROS – It offers cheaper subscription than Netflix, plus active Amazon Prime Video subscription also includes Twitch Prime best place to watch movies online membership for more exclusive shows. In addition, it allows simultaneous viewing using 3 different devices, and lets you download contents for offline watching.
  • CONS – It add and remove contents frequently, and some contents need additional payment for viewing.



Every true-blue anime fans know about Crunchyroll. This is the best legal way of watching anime and anime-based live action movies through online streaming. It features the best and obscure anime from Japan, best place to watch movies online plus premium subscription lets you easily read different mangas as well.


  • PROS – It allows you to watch dozens of anime from Japan, or read your favorite mangas in one platform.
  • CONS – It has a quite problematic user interface (UI) design.



Aside from anime and manga, many Filipinos also love Korean and Japanese shows. And Vieu is the perfect platform for you, since it features different films and TV shows from the east. However, it doesn’t boast real-time best place to watch movies online livestreaming on its platform. That’s because you still need to wait few hours before a show becomes available after its original airing time.


  • PROS – This is the best place to watch movies online in the Philippines for people who wants lots of Korean and Japanese shows.
  • CONS – It has poor 480p quality display, and comes with many ads while streaming. Also, paying for best place to watch movies online premium subscription doesn’t completely free your viewing from such ads.


These are the best place to watch movies online in the Philippines today. Regardless of the type of content you love, there’s surely something perfect for your computer or smartphone. Happy watching!


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