Quick Reminders to have the best time on your Coron Palawan Philippines Trip

coron palawan
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Coron Palawan is one of the best places in Philippines to enjoy island and sea vacation. It features alluring cool waters, white sand beaches, rich marine life and numerous neighboring islands you can visit. That have gave it a well-deserved spot along with other three highlights of Palawan, which are the fabulous spots of Puerto Princesa and El Nido.

coron palawan
Source: astrokiddtravel.ph


Remember, however, that Coron requires a difficult travel for you to reach, which the most is challenging to visit among the three Palawan highlights. In addition, many of its wondrous attractions each demands the same or even bigger challenges for you to take as well, thus making it the least popular option among tourists and visitors. You can view it as some perks, nonetheless, since this means you can expect lesser crowd during your escapade. You can even come to Coron after or before your Big Lagoon Palawan stay in El Nido if you want.


But whatever your plans are, be sure to know some points beforehand. This is to make sure of fully enjoying your Coron visit, and avoid unnecessary hassles before and during your vacation.

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Vital Notes for an Enjoyable Coron Palawan Escapade

To guide you in planning for a vacation in Coron Palawan Philippines, here are few important notes you should keep:


Ideal Time for a Coron Travel

Be sure to plan your date of vacation carefully, so you can come on a favorable season on the island. Yes, Palawan experiences tropical and relatively fair weather throughout the year, but December to March is the best to visit because of many sunny days and dry weather condition.  You can also plan it on January to experience the cold weather of the island. However, be sure to avoid the rainy days of May to November, since bad weather can affect the sea condition easily.


Transportation Options to Coron

You can choose from several transportation options to reach Coron. First, you can ride a direct flight from Manila to Busuanga Airport in Coron Island. Take note, however, that you need to travel around 30 to 45 minutes from Busuanga Airport to reach the heart of Coron Town. 


Another option is to ride aboard a ferry from El Nido or Puerto Princesa, which links to the Coron Palawan Island port. This is quite convenient since it’s nearer to the town center than the airport. But regular ferry travel can take around 7 to 8 hours. Thus, be sure to take a fast craft ferry to reach Coron within 3.5 hours of travel. 


Upon arriving, you can find the best hotel Coron Palawan has for visitors and tourists. Just take note to prepare your peso coins and bills, even before you travel to Coron. You will have a hard time exchanging foreign currencies on the island. 


Things to do on Coron

There are a lot of things you can enjoy on Coron, which many other international tourists love to do. But be sure to begin by finding the best hotel in Coron Palawan for your vacation. This is where you should stay for 3 to 4 days, so you can enjoy the island to the fullest. Moreover, the best hotels also offer booking services for island hopping and boating around the island. 


Such vital points can let you have a convenient experience on the island, while ensuring of a comfortable room to rest after a long day of adventure. And that can help you save enough energy to face the challenges Coron has for visitors.


Beach Fun and Relaxation

Of course, you should begin by knowing the best beaches and resorts on the island. This can let you have a great time by the shore, as you enjoy beach activities such as swimming and strolling. And if you’re not satisfied with the beaches on the Coron island, you can travel by boat and head to the Twin Lagoon Coron Palawan for a cool double paradise to enjoy.


Hike up Mt. Darala and Mt. Tapyas

If you want a totally different adventure on Coron, you can try hiking through its two tallest mountains. Mt. Tapyas is the more popular choice for beginners, since it’s only around 210 meters high. On the other hand, Mt.  Darala is more than 600 meters high, which is enough to challenge many mountaineers and hikers around. What’s more, both are near to the best Coron hotel Palawan in the town, which means you can visit these mountains easily.


Underwater Activities

Finally, your Coron vacation will never be complete without greeting the marine life beneath its cool seawater. Remember that its marine life is one of the biggest gems that Coron has, which makes it popular all over the world. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling at the best diving sites all over the area of Coron. And that’s how you can greet thousands of fishes and other marine organisms as you take your dip.

Now you already know the vital points to enjoy a Coron Palawan escapade. The trick is to plan your travel carefully, and know specific things you want to do upon your stay. This can surely help you withstand the tough travel and challenges Coron gives to any visitors and tourists like you.

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