Deep Fryer and Air Fryer: Best of the Best

Deep Fryer and Air Fryer: Which is better? Who doesn’t love fried food? There’s a reason why so many popular fast-food chains serve so much fried food, and it’s because almost everybody loves them! It’s all in the crunch outside and the tender hot stuff on the inside.

If you’re a fried food lover, then you must have a good fryer in your home. Countdown Deals offers a wide range of Deep Fryers and Air Fryer for your cravings. So now the question is, which should you choose?

Deep Fryers

deep fryer and air fryer

Deep fryers are used to prepare a variety of food. The most common are french fries, potato chips, and chicken wings. Deep fryers work by submerging food in hot oil. It’s usually done by carefully placing the food in a basket or steel frame and bathing it out with hot oil.

Deep frying produces finger-licking good food as it cooks on all sides simultaneously and removes water from the outside layer, making it crisp while retaining the moisture inside.

Product Description:

Max food capacity: 1 Kg
Oil capacity: 1.0/1.2 litres
Adjustable thermostat to set the most suitable temperature for fish, vegetables, potatoes
Non-stick coated bowl
The frying basket can be raised or lowered with the lid closed
Automatic lid release button
The lid can be removed and washed
Ready-to-cook indicator light
Replaceable anti-odour filter
Rear condensation collecting receptacle
Cord storage

Air Fryers

ey401d 500x 1

Air fryers, on the other hand, cook food by circulating superheated air. It comes with a fan that blows air through a heating element that passes through the food placed in the basket. This hot air cooks the food on all sides just like a deep fryer does, but without the oil.

Product Description:

4.2L Capacity
8 Heat Settings
Digital Display
60 Minute Timer
Stainless Steel/Black
Heat Settings8
Timer60 min
FinishStainless Steel/Black

Manufacturer Tefal
Capacity (Litres) 4.2
Warranty Period 1 Year Repair

Common Differences

  • Deep fryers require oil, which is unhealthy, while air fryers don’t need oil to cook food.
  • Deep fryers produce a thicker and crispier crust compared to the air fryer.
  • Since air fryers use little or no oil, the food comes out dryer than food from deep fryers.
  • Deep fryers are only used for frying food, while an air fryer can be used for other grill and baking recipes.

Taste Test

If it comes down to taste, the deep fryer wins this round. There’s nothing that could compete with that deep-fried and oily consistency. Air fryers tend to dry food out.

Health Issues

When it comes to health, then the air fryer is the apparent winner. Deep frying needs a lot of unhealthy oil for the food to cook. Oil contributes to the fat content in the food. However, the air fryer eliminates the need for such oils to cook. It also reduces the levels of fat in your food. 

If you’re really into deep frying, then you might want to choose healthier oils in the market. They are a bit expensive, but if you’re going to consider your health, then it’s well worth the price.

Air Fryer vs Deep Fryer: Verdict

The bottom line is, if you’re a fried food lover, then you should have a fryer in your home. It’s up to you if you’ll prioritize health or taste.

In the end, why not get both?

Countdown Deals offers good quality deep fryers such as the DELONGHI F28313BK Rotofry Deep Fryer. You can cook 1 kg of fried food for you and your family. It comes with an adjustable temperature setting so you can prepare fish, vegetables, and meat with ease. It comes with a non-stick coated bowl and an automatic removable lid, so cleaning comes easy.

If you’re into air frying, you might also want to check out the TEFAL EY401D Easy Fry Deluxe Air Fryer, along with other air fryers. It has a 4.2L capacity, 8-heat settings, a 60-minute timer, and a digital display, so cooking comes easy. It’s even a sleek and elegant-looking addition to your kitchen with its black colour, stainless steel finish, and modern design.

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