Dr. Rey Galua Amazing Firm and Projects

Before we take a look at Dr. Rey Galua’s amazing projects, let’s see what it is that made those projects amazing by themselves. 

In 1998, a firm named RD Galua Associates was established by his own hands. But later on, it was then changed to GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio, an architecture firm that not only has a solid foundation but also still standing firmly as of today. 

By virtue of being around for already 23 years just spoke volumes of the amount of background and experience the architecture firm itself has. 

So what is the GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio composed of?

The consulting company’s constituents all have genuine professional qualification and passion as architects themselves, they also have considerable understanding and experience with Sustainable Projects that is apt for your desired superb and high-quality service. 

That is why, this impressive long-standing established architecture firm consists of a thorough range of expertise providing quality service that you deserve.  

If we look closer at GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio, they are committed to giving a multi-faceted range of services. Their services ranged from consultancy not limited to architectural design but also for sustainable development, project management and development, and space design and planning. 

Their approach came from going with the trend of green architecture, which really makes their firm more eco-friendly than other firms. 

Dr. Rey Galua

Dr. Rey Galua Amazing Firm and Projects

What is green architecture in the first place anyways? 

According to Britannica, green architecture is a philosophy of architecture wherein it promotes sustainable energy sources, safety of building materials, the impact of the location of the building in consideration to the environment around it. 

With that philosophy in mind, GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio employs innovative design solutions in dealing with varieties of projects by using extensive highly analytical and investigative design procedures while incorporating sustainable development. 

Since the architecture firm itself has a proven record of handling different projects as we’ll see below, the Dr. Rey Galua’s impressive GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio is committed to providing high-quality, excellent, and the finest service that the client deserves. 

Paired with its experience with being able to handle varieties of complexity by working on diverse types of buildings — from residential buildings, commercial establishments, government buildings, universities, college, and in addition with numerous physical planning and developmental plans with regards to municipal and city master projects — really shows how deep the firm’s foundation is.

Coupled with its long history of service, the firm has provenly remained steady and consistent with its operation in the discipline of architecture. 

In regards to the GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio’s expertise, they have implemented numerous projects in regards to developing residential buildings, municipal establishment, commercial development, eco-tourism development projects, and manage master development plans for Local Government Units, and also working on basic infrastructure projects associated with market roads, water, and terminals. 

With that said, GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio is really an architecture firm which you can trust with its deep foundation and all. 

Now, let’s take a look at the projects they’ve worked on below.

Dr. Rey Galua Superb Completed Projects

Dr. Rey Galua’s Recent Major Project: BIR’S Document Processing Division Records Building in Butuan City

Dr. Rey Galua

The Bureau of Internal Revenue decision to build this establishment stems from the Executive Order No. 366, which resulted in this building coming into existence. That is why in 2019, Dr. Rey Galua was able to get his hands on this project when BIR decided to establish their own Document Processing Division in every Regional Offices throughout the country. 

The Document Processing Division Records building is a three storey building with an impressive conference room, efficiently positioned offices, and with its primary purpose, a spacious storage to archive documents. 

From the way the impressive building looks, we can surmise how much effort and wit Dr. Galua put on working on the project.  

Mindanao University Of Science and Technology in Cagayan De Oro City

Rey Galua 2009 CDO MUST Science

In 2009, Dr. Rey Galua was able to work on the project related to the Science Complex, Mindanao University Of Science and Technology in Cagayan De Oro City, Philippines. 

This five storey building is equipped with a laboratory exhaust-system and a scenic elevator, which provides a safe and relaxed view of nature.  

It is also designed to have different science laboratories inside as classrooms are situated at the ground floor while the laboratories are situated on the second floor to fifth floor.  

Such an amazing efficient design and a nature-friendly Science Complex building brought to the world really speaks volume of how experienced, nature-loving, and talented Dr. Rey Galua is.  

With such an amazing man at the helm of the GALUA PLUS Architecture Design Studio, you can never go wrong with letting them work on your dream building or house too. 

Mind you, these two are just some of his recent magnificent projects.

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