Elizabeth Oropesa To Agot Isidro, I am also one of those 16 million DUTERTARD and Supporting a Psychopath President


As how you disrespectfully describes him! You may call the President whatever you want but you can never deny what he had done in just 100 days.

May I ask you, what have you done to help this country? Have you even at least donate some of your wealth to help the poor??? Why not share and help instead of making nonsense noise.

I’ve seen you as a well-educated and sophisticated woman but just now I came to know how small-minded you are. If you always regard your country as a ‘3rd world country’ then you will forever be in rut because of your mentality. And I’m sure, you never and will never experience hunger all your life.


I admire more those ordinary people who, despite of being poor, are fighting for their country’s independence against foreign nations. Why don’t you leave the country and go somewhere else, not in a 3rd world country, you are free to do that! But if you don’t have plans to leave, then do your country a favor, Shut up! Keep yourself away from the dirty world of politics. Focus in showbiz.

Though, I know you are entitled to your own opinion, but then, if you don’t have anything constructive to say, again, please keep quiet. The best thing you can do is pray for your country and our leaders that they may be able to deliver what they need to do for the common good of the people.

Well, I just hope your name is not in the list of those showbiz personalities involved in drugs. Because if you are, then your name is gone! President

Comment’s of Netizens:

マツンヂン エテバン メイ Pra bang namumulubi cla ng i lock down ng president ang pinas itong c agot maja liza at kim mariz rakal.bat di nla gayahin c angel nag share ng blessings sa mga mhihirap na mamayan mga sakim sa kayaman itong mga babaeng ito.

Rubelyn Barcelonia Balderas Magna Yan si agot I’m pretty sure she can understand what miss Elizabeth said,so miss agot be careful to your mouth,🤤🤤, instead of being noisy just donate money or whatever,,,,,para makatulong ka nman ,,hahaha it hurts,

Loue Sarria Wery well said po,wala naman maiambag yan sa pilipinas kahit noon magsma cla ni jim paredes.ngakamali nga ako akala dati super bait ni jim P.

Maria Gina Paguidopon Grijaldo Exactly!!! Walk the talk. Instead of ranting and finding faults to the President just offer prayers to our country.

Michael Apacible
 Agot isidro donated at OVP projects as to her latest. Bakit nyo pinagmumukhang kayong maka duterte lang ang magaling? Di ba dapat naman patunayan nyo dahil ka niyo magaling si duterte? Ang problema puro description nyo lang yun at hindi yung ang nararamdaman ng masa. incompetent ang presidente na pinagmamalaki nyo na walang ginawa kundi magyabang at pati ang Diyos ay ininsulto. Ngayon kayong makaduterte ang magpakita na mabuting halimbawa kayo hindi yung puro kayo tirada at sisi sa dilawan o oposisyon.

Ruben Francisco Ano ba gusto nio gawin ni Agot gawin ang ginawa ni mocha Hindi naman govt employee si Agot para hanapan ng nagawa

Zladzechophir Avilla Aray kupo..nalintikan na silang mga artista against to OUR BELOVED PRRD..we will stand for our country and unite as one PRRD supporters

Alma Dumapias Lintuan Yes agree, let’s pray for our president. Didn’t they know that Submission to the Governing Authority is in the Bible in the books of
Romans 13:1-2
1Peter 2:13-16. God bless Philippines.

SOURCE: Dolly Modo Ridings

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