Fully Enjoy your Krabi Thailand Vacation with these Helpful Tips

Hong Islands Krabi
Hong Island lagoon. Krabi province, Thailand

Krabi Thailand is one of the prime tourist’s destinations all over the country. That’s because of the stunning beaches, fascinating islands, engrossing activities and worthwhile tours among other enjoyment you can get while on the place. These are the big reasons why international visitors and tourists prefer to go to the island too. And you can certainly enjoy all of those in an escapade on the island.


However, you should carefully plan your vacation to enjoy it to the fullest. Include all the best things you want to enjoy and spots you want to visit.  Moreover, know the best places in Krabi where to stay, so you can secure a comfy accommodation through your vacation. These considerations can help you avoid needless inconvenience and problems as you have a great time.



Here are the Points to Remember for a Wonderful Krabi Thailand Trip

Phuket is a more popular choice for tourists since it’s easier to reach. However, if you compare Krabi vs Phuket, the former also have fascinating attractions you can’t get in Phuket. Thus, remember these guidelines to enjoy the island:


Traveling to the Island

You can travel to the island through several transport choices. The most convenient option is to travel to the Krabi Airport from four other countries—Singapore, China, Malaysia and Qatar. But if you’re already in Thailand, you can fly from Bangkok, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai. In addition, you can first go to Phuket especially if you’re from some other countries worldwide, then ride a 2 to 4 hours of land trip.


You can reach Krabi Thailand from Phuket through affordable public buses, but it can take you more time on travel. Alternatively, you can book for a private transport service for a faster trip, but it usually comes on high price rates. Train or bus travel from Bangkok is also available, but it will take you 12 hours before reaching the island.


And if you prefer to enjoy sea travel, you can ride through Phang Nga Bay from Phuket on peak season. That can bring you to the Krabi Island conveniently.


Important Reminders through your Stay

There are few transport options available so you can go around the island easily. The most popular choice is to rent a scooter which you can ride through your vacation. But remember to drive at the left side of the road, since that’s what people in the country follow. And if you’re not capable of driving a scooter by your own, you can go ridesharing with Grab taxi.


You should also know about available ferries and speed boats on the island. These are the main transport you should ride on if you plan island hopping from Krabi to Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Phuket.


It’s also important to change your money to Thai Baht before going to the island, so you won’t have a hard time in buying or getting services. Having cash ready on hand is important for you to get a room in one of Krabi best hotels for a comfy accommodation. Remember not to depend too much on your credit cards throughout your vacation.


Lastly, many hotel staff all over Krabi Thailand can speak Basic English. Thus, you will not have too much difficulties in communicating with people around. 


When you should Visit the Island

Yes, Thailand is a country with tropical climate. But be sure to visit Krabi during January to March to enjoy the best vacation weather. This also keeps you away from the bulk of tourists from colder countries, and from the Christmas rush during December. It’s also important to avoid the rainy months of August to October, so you don’t have to deal with rainfall that can ruine your enjoyment. 


What you can do on the Island through your Vacation

Know the best Krabi things to do while you’re on the island:


Enjoy the Water and Beaches

There are a lot of beach and water activities you can enjoy on the island. You just need to find the best Krabi beach for you, so you can go swimming, sunbathing, strolling or simply unwind by the shore. You can also visit PHRA NANG Beach and RAILAY Beach to see the iconic limestone caves. Kayaking and scuba diving are also popular around the area.


Unwind in the Hot Springs

If you want a unique water enjoyment, you can go to the Klong Thom District and visit the Krabi hot springs. This is only less than an hour from the main town, and peacefully sits beneath a rainforest area.


Take a Dip in the Emerald Pool

Another Krabi Thailand destination not to miss is the Emerald Pool. It’s in the Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, near the popular hot springs. Be prepared, however, to walk for more than a kilometer to reach the pool. It’s definitely worth the effort, after all!


Climb to the Tiger Cave Temple

You should also visit the Tiger Cave Temple or the Wat Tham Suea in Thai, which is located around 10km from the town. Also, you need to climb up the famous 1,237 steps to reach the temple, and see the Golden Buddha statue at the peak. On a side note, know that the place got its name from a tiger paw print seen in its cave long ago. 


Hop on Exhilarating Tours

The island has dozens of exciting activities you can do, especially if you want to enjoy an adrenalin rush. You can go kayaking, boating and snorkeling around the five islands of the area. As mentioned above, you can also go scuba diving on the best diving spots.


And if you want great excitement other than beach activities, you can enjoy enthralling adventures at the limestone caves by sea tours or rock climbing as well. And that can definitely complement fascinating relaxation you can get from a fabulous Krabi resort.


Take note of these essential reminders so you can enjoy a fascinating Krabi Thailand vacation. Consider them as you plan your travel, so you can avoid unnecessary hassles along the way.

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