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In our daily lives, we see many products with good packaging designsAmongst them, some attract most people and others just don’t.

Did you know why some product packaging gain consumers’ attraction?

That is because of the good packaging designs and better presentation. You may be a product owner or part of a creative agency or designer; for that what we will share to you will help create more attractive packaging design and in result will help you boost your skills and career in this industry.

Take note on following points before starting your packaging design:

  1. Your Industry
  2. Target Market
  3. Color and Combination
  4. Design and Spacing
  5. Content
  6. Packaging Details
  7. Design Dummy

Let’s get into the details on each of the points mentioned.

1.Your Industry
Branding for business is varied, depending on the product, whether it is Pharmaceutical, Retail, Skin and Healthcare, Chemicals, Agriculture, Food and Beverages etc; it has particular look and pattern for good packaging design in each different industry.

So, take a look at the market and collect three to four best and popular branding designs of your competitor brands. Study the packaging and understand through research or surveys the factor as to why these good packaging designs relatively look good for most people from the sample population.

“Now you will think is it always required to go with the stream? What if we want to create something new or out-of-the-box.”

No, and Yes! No, it does not necessarily need to go with the stream, and yes — of course, we can be more creative.

Creativity & differentiation always stand-out but the main thing we need to consider is: will the execution of the idea that we need to keep in mind whether it will be acceptable to end user/ customer? If the answer is positive then, try it!

2. Target Market
In every industry’s product; there is a specific target audience and that can be divided by age, income, gender, business, and family group. One group has a different perspective from the rest.
These are the factors that we need to consider when deciding the packaging design for a product, these factors will determine whether the product will be a success or failure.

“Each target market consists of customers that follow a pattern of likes and dislikes for every product/service. The good packaging designs should be in such a way that suits the needs of customers.

Nowaday, almost everything is available online (where product designs are easily created, thanks to the useful applications and software we can find on the internet). Same goes when a customer visits either a traditional or modern retailer, most of what attracts his or her attention is the product good packaging designs & presentation.”

3. Color and Combination
Color and design combination are the most prominent part in good packaging designs. Like for example, the brand is for kids, you may want to consider the vibrant colors of the packaging. Does the good packaging designs look attractive to the target audience? Furthermore, aside from a colorful packaging, it will also be good if there is an animated content and cool placement of the copy of the logo. Similarly if you have cosmetic product you have to play with a feminine design or family oriented shots and colors.

“Colors always play a powerful effect on perception. If you are in a Fast-Moving Consumer Goods and into a snacks category, the colors in packaging design most likely need to be yellow, orange or other bright colors as they will impel hunger in the minds of viewers. So choose your packaging color wisely.”

4. Design and Spacing
Equally important as the three points discussed is the design and spacing. As human mind read the top left to bottom, and a big name font first, and more as per the interest the human for his / her needs. On the packaging, there’s a part where almost no spacing is required — like ingredient, specification, how to use etc. The whole good packaging designs requires a sufficient white space left that is for the messages of your design (which must be specified in less space so as to avoid bulk of letters over the design).

5. Content
Packaging content helps the consumer market to understand the product clearly. Especially that due to modernization which in effect make consumers very conscious and aware about the product they are buying. They do their best to read and understand the good packaging designs content before purchasing the product.

So it would be nice to have good content for your packaging design, not only the quality of the product itself. Though it is not compulsory but a creative, efficient and easy to understand content should be your priority for packaging design to attract and leave a better image in the minds of customers to compel them to buy the product than getting from the competitor.

6. Packaging Details
It is good if at one glance, the consumers recognize and understand what the product is for. Branding a person will only spend money on products they know by heart.

7. Design Dummy
With all the data you have now, along with your Creative Agency, ask the design team for two three design revisions which must be compelling and different from each other. Next step is to create a final good packaging designs. Give updates that you need to change, if any. Before going to production, your packaging should be readied as a design dummy in terms of name size with color. Check from team and once the final version is gone for printing, the packaging job is said to be completely done.

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