How to Maintain Skin Care for Men while on Travel 2020

skin care for men travel


Usually, men don’t give enough attention to their maintain skin care, let alone keeping it while on travel.

maintain skin care

However, men like you wouldn’t want to look messy during and after your trip, thus it’s important to know how to keep skin care for men while on the go.

You wouldn’t want to damage your handsome face through the harsh environments you go through. Letting your skin become dry, oily or even burnt is also something you want to avoid.

Thus, read on, and remember these mens maintain skin care tips to guide you.

Tip #1

Skin care tips for men on extreme temperatures

Extreme cold and hot maintain skin care weather conditions are inevitable on certain travel areas. Thus, remember these points to keep men skin care routine on such situations.

Hot Weather Condition

  1. Prepare your sunscreen to avoid acquiring maintain skin care sunburn. Always remember that it’s one of the vital stuff you should bring on any trips.
  2. Bring men’s skin care products with exfoliant, like facial wash and wipes, so you can easily wash or keep your skin clean. Hot weather has high humidity, which could cause your pores to open and easily acquire dirt, bacteria and allergens among other irritants.

Cold Weather Condition

  1. Don’t underestimate the UV rays in cold areas. Still keep your sunscreen along.
  2. Heavy lotion with sufficient moisturizing maintain skin care properties could help a lot in cold weather areas. That could help you combat extremely low humidity in the atmosphere, thus helping you avoid skin dehydration.

Tip #2

Skin care tips for men while on transportation

Keeping skin care for men is also important while riding any mode of transport. Remember that such situations exposes your skin on various elements.

Road Travel

  1. Bring your sunscreen along, as maintain skin care riding any road vehicles exposes your skin to UV rays.
  2. Exfoliant wash is one of the vital skin care products for men on road trips. Going through road travels would probably expose your skin to dust, bacteria and other irritants.

Flight Travels

  1. Lotions with hyaluronic acid are the best skin care products for men on flight. Such products attracts water molecules from the atmosphere, which is perfect on low humidity environment like in a plane.  
  2. Since high altitude means extremely low maintain skin care humidity, it’s also important to drink more water to avoid body and skin dehydration.

Island Hopping and Sea Travels

  1. Talking about sea travel always demands you to bring sunblock. You wouldn’t wish your skin to burn badly.
  2. It’s also important to take note that saltwater maintain skin care has beneficial properties for the skin. It can help in dealing with oiliness, bacteria build-up, and could help acne to heal faster.

Tip #3

Skin care tips for oily or dry skin

Oily and dry skin conditions each requires specific care. Thus, you should know the right men’s skin care routine, depending on the skin condition you have.

Oily Skin

  1. Avoid using greasy or heavy lotions, especially if you’re in hot or warm weather climates. This is to avoid worsening your skin oiliness.
  2. Skin care for men with oily skin always includes cleanser and washing agents. This is to keep your skin free from irritations, maintain skin care which oily skin easily acquires.

Dry Skin

  1. Remember to bring products with sufficient moisturizing and hydrating properties. Such products are efficient enough in dealing with dry skin.
  2. Since dry skin could require more clinical treatments, consult your dermatologist for possible treatments. It could include maintain skin care microneedle and platelet rich plasma among other options.


Packing your skin care products

Men doesn’t like to bring too much stuff, especially if they deem it unnecessary to carry in their luggage. Thus, here are few tricks you can take note, so you can keep the best skin care for men on travel.

  1. Choose to buy products in smaller bottles, so you can optimize the space usage in your bag.
  2. It’s also wise to choose products in sachets or pouches, which each only provides single use. Aside from minimizing the space they consume, it could also let you have convenience in usage, since you have to throw the pouch right away after using.
  3. You can also buy wipes with cleansing properties, so you don’t have to worry about spills in your luggage.

Remember these points, so you can keep the vital skin care for men while on travel. This could help yo

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