How To Make More Money $$$ on eBay with Spring 2020 Seller


Early this year, eBay money released their new Spring seller updates. If you are selling on this platform, you might not be sure if this is a piece of exciting news or not.

These promoted listings updates are starting to roll out beginning later September 2019. The good news is, you don’t have to worry about this as ESM will have your back. Our team will make sure that the $$$ money will keep on coming.


Duplicate items are removed from the search result

Previously, when you choose to promote a listing, your promoted listing was appeared with your organic listing in the same set of search results. But NOT anymore. Now either your organic listing or the associated money promoted listings are displayed in search result, but not together. That means, your digital marketing impression may drop.


Top 5 product placements are promoted listings

Your organic bestseller will not rank higher than the Top 6 without promotion.Everybody wants to advertise for money free, but if you’re going to stay on top, you have to be willing to pay a fee for every transaction on your listed content. Impressions and clicks may significantly drop. If organic search is the name of the game, you will be completely wiped out by those who are willing to pay more for promoted listings.

Sponsorship fees may increase. This happens when everyone wants to advertise a particular product. We are money expecting high competition, even on low-value categories. In one of the bedding categories, we observed that the trending rate increased from 6% to 11.8% within two weeks. Read More

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