How to Play and Win Jackpot Fishing Game

Jackpot Fishing Game is a real money fishing game by JILI Games with 3 jackpot pools and 5 super prizes. 3D graphics enhance your gaming experience. It is also a multiplayer game that allows up to 3 players at the same time.

Jackpot Fishing Game

Gamblers who gamble are well aware that jackpots are mostly for slot machines and rarely for fish games. But since the game launched this 2019, the need for progressive prizes has never been greater and will finally be trending in 2023.

The game has been so successful that players call it “Jackpot Fish” to distinguish it from other classic fish games. What are the benefits of the JILI Jackpot Fishing Game? How can I win this game? Where to play? Our QA team is ready to answer all your questions during this review.

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Jackpot Fishing as one of the Best Online Fishing Games

Compared to the classic Fishing Game to Jackpot Fish, JILI Jackpot Fishing Game has higher max wins, total payouts, jackpot prizes, cashback rewards, and bonus events, with 7 out of 5 reviews up front successfully dominating.

Best Online Fishing Games

Jackpot Fishing Game has a single multiplier of up to 888x, and the pool lasts longer. However, our conclusion is that due to the high prices, the multiplier and duration should be adjusted to the appropriate numbers to increase the payout.

Jackpot Fishing Game Features

3 Progressive Jackpot Pools

The game has 3 jackpot pools. It can be unlocked with different numbers of bullets. Higher-value orbs can unlock pools with higher rewards and additional jackpot multipliers.

Free Large-Range Bullets

Bullets fired by the player are proportionally converted to energy. When the energy is fully charged, you can use the electric cannon and start a powerful full-screen capture of him for free.

5x Super Prize

Shoot special fish for a chance to get 5x extra rewards. Additional multipliers are found by base multipliers that go up and down depending on the fish you’re shooting. 20x fish wins up to 100x, 50x wins up to 250x, and so on.

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Weekly Cash Rebate

Players are given a 7-day countdown each week, and the default bet amount is ₱2000. Players can receive discounts and unlock next-level wagering goals once they reach a certain amount.

Real Money Rewards

Players can receive 3 different real money rewards in each tier. The requirements for moving up a tier are the same as for the Weekly Cash Rebate. As the grade increases, so make progress; up to grade 200, he will be rewarded with ₱50000.

Jackpot Fishing Game Paytable & Jackpot

Jackpot Fishing Game 7xm
7XM Paytable & Jackpot
Jackpot Fishing Game Paytable & Jackpot


Default gun

Standard guns seem to be the smallest, with single bullets firing in rapid succession to the point of impenetrability.

Target-locking gun

The Target Acquisition Gun is larger, faster, and repeater and can fire laser beams continuously and lock onto fish without being blocked.

Torpedo-loaded gun

Turrets with torpedoes fire powerful bullets, deal great damage, and cannot be blocked.


Default bullet

Standard bullets are impenetrable and will hit all fish in their path the first time they come across them. Advantageously, you can follow your instinctive trajectory, hopping back and forth between boundaries to meet the first fish you encounter.

Laser beam

Laser beams with aiming weapons hit continuously at a higher velocity and frequency than standard bullets.


Torpedoes deal massive damage at the cost of 6x the current stake. Especially used for high-end fish, it has unique characteristics.



Targets let you quickly customize the type of fish, bullets, and number of bullets. Recording mode and fish filtering are also adjustable.


Frozen is a fixed price of ₱30. Any fish can be frozen for a long time. When one commits, all players benefit equally.

Electric Canon

Electric Cannons are ranged attacks. The damage is enough to wipe out most of the fish on the screen. Each bullet shot fills the energy bar, after which you are free to fire.


Speed Jackpot

The minimum speed threshold is 0.2 pounds. If the ball is worth more than ₱0.6, it will give you a multiplier of up to 168x. In this case, you can win up to ₱83412 for ₱0.60.

Lucky Jackpot

Lucky’s minimum threshold is ₱0.8. If your orb is worth ₱2 or more, you’ll get a multiplier of up to 168x. In this case, you can win up to ₱654,519.6 for ₱2.

JILI Jackpot

The minimum amount for JILI is ₱5. Additionally, if the orb’s value is greater than ₱10, it will be multiplied again by a multiplier of up to 168x and ₱80. In this case, you can win up to ₱555,751,728 for ₱80.

JILI Jackpot

Jackpot Fishing Game Bonuses


Cash Rebate Events are held regularly every week. Real money transferred directly to your casino account can get multiple cashback with wagering thresholds of 2000, 5000, and above.


All JILI Games fish games share the same bonuses. These bonuses are versatile and allow you to receive multiple special offers such as rewards, chests, and gifts.

  • Reward – Players can win real money prizes at various stages. 5 notes and escalating rewards are collected. Grade 200 offers rewards up to ₱50,000. The progress bar comes with rewards that increase as you shoot.
  • Free Chest – If you can get bronze chests by default, two types of chests (silver and gold) will remain unlocked. The progress bar comes with a free box that shares the same increase reward rule. When the progress bar is full, random prizes are awarded. The progress bar can be refilled.
  • Free Gift – Free gifts are granted when leveling up, and they share a different escalation system with rewards called leveling. There are five levels in all, and they follow promotion rules. Each level contains multiple prizes of higher value.


Events are constantly held, two of which are daily: LV Exclusive Event & Red Envelope.

  • LV Exclusive Event – LV Exclusive Events share the same escalation system as Free Gifts, with rewards, split into three tiers Levels 1-3, Level 4, and Level 5. Bonus prize cards are awarded for levels 1-3. Level 4 will award a bonus prize card and an item card, and level 5 will award a bonus prize card and 2 item cards.
  • Red Envelope – A red envelope appears from 15:00-00:21: You have a chance to come into sight by shooting 00 fish. It offers a 200x bonus and lasts longer than most fish.

Tips for Playing Jackpot Fishing Game

Study the Waves

These fish appear in regular patterns on the screen’s left, right, and even center. Some fish only spawn in certain waves and vary in quantity and speed of movement. It is recommended to study waves to kill precious fish as soon as possible.

Shoot in Target-Locked mode

These fish appear in regular patterns on the screen’s left, right, and even center. Some fish only spawn in certain waves and vary in quantity and speed of movement. It is recommended to study waves to kill precious fish as soon as possible.

Make Ceaseless Shots

Do not start before receiving payment. The target also disappears from the screen. Here’s how we found an interesting phenomenon among gamers. We wanted to get a prize from the fish we aimed at, but we desperately stopped the fire when it was about to disappear from the screen. Still, the price may drop if the shootout wasn’t forfeited.

Fire Concentratedly

Changing goals often leads to nothing being achieved. Please use your wisdom to prevent this from happening.

Use Torpedo Optimistically

Torpedoes can do a lot of damage, but they also cost more. Use only when necessary to avoid unnecessary waste. For example, you don’t have to kill fish alone, and it’s a multiplayer game, and someone can use torpedoes after multiple shots. A true gamer doesn’t blame kill steals.

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Best Casino for Jackpot Fishing

Being a collaborative partner, platform, and cash tunnel, online casinos play an essential role in winning real money. The lifeblood of your money depends on how the casino treats it.

What Should You Keep in Mind When Picking the Best Online Lottery Site in the Philippines?

As a Good Provider: Mutually-held Event

You would expect the event to be held by the game provider at the same time as the casino you registered with so you would not be left behind in progress. Seeing others enjoy the advantage of eliminating you is absolute despair.

As Convenient Platform: Stable Connection

Disconnections can be an absolute nightmare for gamers. If you’ve played Fortnite or League of Legends games before, the importance of a smooth internet connection should be a serious knock-up. Just to be clear, you lose real money instead of rank points.

A Fast Cash out Transaction: 24-hour Withdrawal

You seem to want to claim your bounty as soon as possible to claim your sovereignty. This is also the most important thing for players. Unfortunately, the payout cycle for most online casinos is 48 hours to 2 weeks, and very few casinos offer 24/7 payouts.

Qualified Online Casino for Jackpot Fishing Game

7XM Online Casino is the most qualified platform in the Philippines that offers the BEST Fishing Games like Jackpot Fishing. 7XM is a good casino game provider that has a convenient platform and the fastest Cash-Out transactions.


Online fishing game is the closest thing to online casino skills today. The experience is fun, highly rewarding, and growing in popularity every day. Naval games are designed to be eye-catching, allowing you to blast and harpoon things underwater while claiming large bounties in the process.

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