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Is Blue Sky Amazon Legit? Who is Sophie Howard? Read this article and discover the amazing things about “The Amazon Selling Queen”

Yes, you read it right…Sophie Howard Blue Sky Amazon is not a scam!


who is Sophie Howard
The Amazon Selling Queen

Who is Sophie Howard in Amazon World?

Who is Sophie Howard in Amazon Business? Well, Sophie Howard is “The Amazon Selling Queen,” a successful amazon seller, online business coach, one who has actually sold two Amazon businesses, one for 7-figures USD, and currently building her third global brand.

She also helps other entrepreneurs build premium brands, source profitable products, and sell their online businesses. 

In the year 2014, she entered the Amazon world and went all in. And in the last few years, she has reportedly sold well over 500 different products on Amazon. 

Don’t you think that alone speaks volume of her experience with Amazon itself?

Amazon Selling Queen
Sophie Howard – The Amazon Selling Queen

She is also a mother of two in the Amazon FBA space who, over the past few years, has been making quite a name for herself.

Unlike any other coach you can find, she sells on the Amazon platform herself as well. 

Not only does she help people find products on the platform, but she also teaches them as well how to build high quality brands from the ground up drawing from her vast experience, which really helps you learn more in the process rather than grasping in the dark doing numerous trial and error. 

After that, she’ll lend you a hand by walking you through how to set up for a million-dollar exit out of the business they’ve made.

Sophie Howard also made an appearance in the famous Amazon podcast, called “The AM/PM Podcast,” and the topic of discussion was about the ideal money to start an Amazon business, where she gave a profound insight on how to easily build up portfolios — which is to start cheap launches even if you have deep pockets.

Blue Sky Amazon Legit
Blue Sky Amazon is Legit

According to her, the person who can do the most with the cheapest launches are the winners, and she goes for hundreds of dollars as opposed to thousands of dollars now. 

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She also mentioned in passing how she gets exclusive deals using this tactic.

Do you want to read Blue Sky Academy Amazon Reviews

Fiona S. – “ Last year, I launched my first products on Amazon, and within three months of selling I had effectively managed to replace my salary as a pharmacist”

And these are just snippets of her life’s experiences with the Amazon world.

      Blue Sky Amazon Legit?

Blue Sky Amazon not scam
Blue Sky Amazon not scam

Now here comes the Blue Sky Training program which offers coaching and online training for those that are either looking to get into the world of the Amazon jungle, or those that are wandering in the dark out there, but looking for a hand that can point them toward the right direction — saving you the trouble of going through the tortuous experience of trial and error.

In order to understand why Amazon Blue Sky is not a scam, as being spread by a dubious freelance writer — who by the way not only has misspellings all over his/her article all over the place — who seems confused at the word “scam” itself, we need to understand how much Sophie Howard understand her game in the world of Amazon.

Blue Sky Amazon is not a Scam

How Amazon FBA works?

is blue sky amazon legit

To have a better understanding of how Sophie Howard plays the game of the Amazon world, you’d need to have a general understanding of the Amazon FBA business model, especially its core foundations.

What is Amazon FBA?

The FBA in Amazon FBA simply means “Fulfillment By Amazon.” Basically, Amazon provides shipping, packaging, and storage assistance to sellers, which eases up the burden and grants them more flexibility in their business. 

It enables their merchandise to be shipped to where items are stored in warehouses until they’re sold, called “Amazon fulfillment center.” So when someone placed an order, Amazon employees prepare, package, and ship the product(s) to their respective addresses. 

How Does it Work?

how amazon fba works
How amazon fba works?
Source: Quora

Amazon FBA is simply selling your product on its online shopping platform then letting them in charge of the fulfillment process and payment.

Amazon FBA Model

  • Search for a supplier for your product.
  • Get the product shipped to Amazon’s warehouses.
  • Put your product for sale on Amazon’s online shopping platform.
  • People notice your product and hopefully buy it.
  • Amazon then handles all the fulfillment and shipping.
  • Amazon then takes *cough* fees on each sale then pays you the rest.

The overall concept looks simple, right? It is when you know what you’re doing and when it works.  

But although it looks simple when it works, the trouble comes from Amazon’s wheel having a lot of moving parts. 

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So if you want success on the world’s largest shopping platform, you’d need to figure most of the parts out.

And this is where Sophie Howard, the Amazon Selling Queen, comes in. 

Her aim is to bring Amazon sellers of all levels, from beginner to advanced, help them launch, guide them in growing and selling their FBA businesses, by offering them support and training.

Sophie Howard’s Amazon Webcast

Sophie Howard Webinar 2

In the free 90-minute Amazon webcast on her website, she discusses about some important points: 

  • How to search products that stay relevant over a long period of time with her unique system.
  • How to search for suppliers that will create your product.
  • A general overview of the income you can make with Amazon
  • Way to exit your business for a large chunk of change. 

Remember, even though all of this information about Amazon FBA is very high level, she is giving this for free in hopes for you to determine whether Blue Sky Amazon is really legit or not a scam. 

Is Blue Sky Amazon legit? Yes, ofcourse!

If you’re still not convinced by how her mind works and after watching her webcast, let’s take a look at some of the modules Blue Sky Amazon contains. 

The Foundation Module

It is broken up into 4 different subcategories and it covers more about Sophie Howard’s experiences with the Amazon world. 

You can also learn here what mindset you should have to crack the Amazon code, general Amazon chat, sales funnels overview, and in planning ahead your business. 

Strategy in Product Picking Module

Most Amazon FBA courses generally tell you to pick a product that you can get up to running swiftly and easily, but Sophie Howard has a different take on it. 

She teaches students to look after products that are a bit more exclusive and require a higher than normal minimum order quantity, which means that there will be a higher barrier to entry for the general average seller. 

A fascinating tactic that will surely set you on a different path from the general average individual selling on the Amazon online shopping platform. 

Since Amazon is getting more and more saturated every day, you’d need to think more differently to avoid falling into just blending with what the crowds usually do, which usually brings you to success. 

Sales Funnels Basics Module

Sophie Howards will cover the foundation of sales funnels, guide you through Russen Brunson’s Clickfunnels tool, then will bring you up along the real world example of an Amazon sales funnel, that is setup with Clickfunnels and get traffic through Facebook. 

Ecom Sales Funnel looks like this: 

  • Awareness
  • Interest
  • Consideration
  • Intent
  • Evaluation
  • Purchase

Know Who to Hire as Your Virtual Assistant Module(h4)

Being able to secure your ability to scale your business is one of the most crucial aspects of building up a successful Amazon business. 

Making up a team of virtual assistants to operate on simple tasks that can be easily turned over is one of the best moves you can take. 

In this module, Sophie Howard will show you the ins and outs of making a team of virtual assistants, the things she learned from her experiences, and show you job’s postings that she created in Upwork as real examples. 

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You know what’s interesting about this module? 

You won’t find many training courses that discuss in detail the process of making a team of virtual assistants. In truth, most training courses don’t even talk about this subject at all. 

Just this module alone makes Sophie Howard worthy of her title as the Amazon Selling Queen. 

Selling on Amazon Behind the Scenes Module

From conversion tools, keyword research, operating the PPC advertising platform, setting up from a licensing point of view to get your business started, Sophie Howard will walk you through the Amazon FBA back-end processes in this module. 

Product Sourcing from Obscured Places Module

The great thing about Sophie Howard that made her stand out from your average Amazon Seller is that one of her decisive traits in sourcing products is that she is heavily focused on the original and unique products that most people don’t usually find. 

She then resells and packages them, turning them into her own brand.

By paying visits to manufacturers from obscure countries, often cutting out the middleman, reveals that she indeed thinks outside the box. 

It’s one of the amazing things about her that really makes her successful in the Amazon game. 

In this module, Sophie Howard covers numerous methods for finding and discovering unique sources of products, including local classifieds, Amazon scroll, Amazon catalog technique, and many more. 

Setting Goal Module

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Actually, this is the second part of the Blue Sky Amazon, and in this module Sophie Howards starts off with covering what it takes to survive the Amazon jungle business and what is the right mindset to adopt.

From setting up your business both online and offline, from your Amazon selling account and business license, Sophie Howard will take you through how to set goals for them.   

What You Should Know About Branding Module

This module will get your blood pumping because in this module, Sophie Howard will dive into her branding strategy that enabled her to make 7 figure goliaths Amazon businesses.

To create higher profit margins, you need to allow yourself to be able to charge higher prices. 

In order to do that, it all comes down to knowing how to differentiate your product from the rest of the crowd. 

This module has some very effective content that you won’t find in many other FBA courses about positioning your product in the marketplace, since branding is really more about positioning itself. 

Searching Products that Sell for the Long Term

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In this module, you’ll get some intuitive understanding into what makes Sophie Howard very successful in the Amazon space. 

A rare quality in Amazon is being able to think long term and focus on finding products that are difficult to copy and unique, and this is exactly what Sophie Howard does, quite dissimilar from the average Amazon seller. 

Instead of employing conventional Amazon tools like Helium 10 and Junglescout, Sophie Howard takes the bigger picture and source products by using methods that are difficult to access to many copycat Amazon sellers out there. 

Having Listings the Are Above the Rest Module?

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Sophie Howard heavily puts her focus on standing out from the Amazon competition in order to dominate it. 

One of the best-proven ways to do it is by making certain that your product listing is above from the rest of the average Amazon sellers

From this module, you can learn from Sophie Howard about images that catch people’s attention, keyword research, and creative copywriting. 

In the long run, those who usually win are those who can understand how online marketing is really about controlling people’s eyes.

Order the Entire Shipment and Don’t Get Samples Module

Sophie Howard will share some valuable tips about how her products are shipped effectively into Amazon’s warehouses. 

She will address some of the problematic points you’ll experience dealing with shipping, and how she deals with them. 

The module itself is pretty incredible because any Amazon seller will tell you that the biggest issue they deal with is with supply chain management, which usually has to do with their shipment process itself. 


As long as you can deal with this problem, you’re already halfway to winning the Amazon game. 

Product Promotion Module

One of the most important factors for your Amazon business is getting your product’s promotion and launching right.

A wrong mistake would bring you to tears as you look at your stock sitting in the dust in Amazon’s warehouses since no one is buying it. 

In this module, Sophie Howard presents the metrics for performance monitoring and five effective tactics for drawing people’s eyes to your products. Here are some Amazon Selling metrics for you to track: 

  • Keywords
  • Conversions
  • Competitor Product’s Pricing
  • ACOS
  • Cost of Ad
  • Deals
  • Ranking

As you can see, this module’s contents are pretty meaty which adds up to the legitimacy of Blue Sky Amazon. 

After seeing these modules, it’s doubtful to even say that the Blue Sky Amazon course is a scam. To say it is pricey? Well, we’ll look at the reason below. 

 Value of Mentorship

blue sky amazon

Sure you can find cheaper information about how to sell on Amazon on Youtube, Google, Blogs, and many more, but have you thought about how much time it will take you jumping from one topic to another, having no road map? 

There are indeed different ways to do anything in life, and selling on Amazon is no different. 

But having guidance, a mentor who could not only guide you but someone with real experience and success, is a game-changer that will separate you from the rest just from the start. 

And Blue Sky Amazon has just that as it offers live coaching and one-on-one support with Sophie Howard’s team. 

 Blue Sky Amazon Instilling Dedication

Blue Sky Amazon Reviews

Actually, although there are cheaper FBA courses out there, how much dedication do you actually put when you’re taking a cheaper course than a pricier one? Not equal, right? 

However, with the amount of information the Blue Sky Amazon course has, don’t you think that it is actually deserving of that? 

The information in the training provides you everything you’d need to set up your amazon business. Not only that, you also have live coaches who will guide you in your business. 

Don’t you think that the reason why some are saying Blue Sky Amazon is a scam,

is because not only they’re impatient with the studying itself, but haven’t really bought the course in the first place? 

With how Sophie’s mind works discussed, including some of the contents of the Blue Sky Amazon Course, don’t you think the final verdict should be, Blue Sky Amazon is not a scam

Decide for yourself, because you’re the one getting rich once you have already decided.  And now, I will ask you “Is Blue Sky Amazon Legit?

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