Ivana Alawi, pinakita ang 5 years ago na conversation nila ni DJ Loonyo

Ivana Alawa at DJ Loonyo

Ivana Alawi is indeed one of the most admired and most famous celebrities today. It may not be an easy journey for her before she had the success she ever wanted. She is not just a gorgeous and beautiful promising star of our generation today as she is also loved by so many people because of her sweet and loving personality. She is true to herself and wanted to express what she really is. She is also wealthy and rich but she didn’t brag about it. True enough that she has been raised well by her beloved mother.

As many Filipino people are liking her more as the days pass by, a lot of people were also surprised and saddened by the rumors that Ivana Alawi is having a special friendship towards this handsome social media influencer named DJ Loonyo. They have been one of the most trending topics on different social media platforms in the past few weeks. It is because of their sweet posts and videos online. Many netizens commented that they really look good together and that they can really be a beautiful couple in the future.

It is alright for them to like each other as they are both single actually, and ready to mingle area they? It was just recently when the Kapamilya actress shared in her vlog that she had already met Rhemuel Lunio also known as DJ Loonyo a few years ago in one of the dance classes she had been to. Ivana posted a screenshot of their conversation back on Sept. 15, 2015, where it can be seen that DJ Loonyo seems to be interested in her even before as he messaged her first.

According to the viral photo, DJ Loonyo said hi to Mariam (Ivana’s real name) and he also introduced himself as Rhemz, a member of Rockstars. Ivana replied in a friendly way referring to him as “Kuya Rhems” and she said that she was okay. They continue exchanging messages as DJ Loonyo also advised Ivana that she should always smile because she looks prettier when she does. Ivana thanked him for the compliment afterward. DJ Loonyo is actually based in China as a dance studio CEO. It was just over this weekend when he posted a screenshot of his conversation with the actress during a video call session.

source : https://www.onlinetruestories.com/2020/04/ivana-alawi-reveals-dj-loonyos-private.html

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