Karla Mae Colmo : Ginawang kakatawanan sa Social Media


Sikat at viral ngayon si Karla Mae Colmo dahil sa kanyang ginawang video para kay Duterte. Mga Pro-Duterte naman galit na galit at pinagtatawanan ang mukha ni Karla Mae Colmo sa social media at sa buong internet.

Karla Mae Colmo’s video statement:

“For those motherfucker wanna stay neutral in this situation right now? you fucking stink! You smell! It reeks privilege! Check your fucking privilege and use your voice to speak for those who can’t. You hear me?
Bigas Hindi Bala,Batas hindi Dahas,Tulong hindi Kulong, and Mass testing not mass arrest and that’s all what? Impeachment! Get Duterte out of this Government.”

karla mae colmo

ikaw, gusto mo bang maging si Karla Mae Colmo? Pabor ka ba sa mga sinasabi ni Karla Mae Colmo?

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