Kids Furniture Lubulona – Modern and Ethical Toys

Kids Furniture Lubulona – Modern and Ethical Toys

Kids Furniture Lubulona- Modern and Ethical Toys are children way of life brand that launched last November 2017 in Barcelona. The point is to plan and make sleek children’s items utilizing eco-accommodating and excellent materials. Their moderate describes Lubulona items, yet energetic style and are both useful just as enriching. The item range incorporates present-day wooden toys and vivid prints on wood. All items are planned in Barcelona and are made totally in Europe to downplay the natural effect and spotlight on reasonable and neighbourhood creation.

Kids Funiture Lubulona- Modern and Ethical Toys


Lubulona Town Mini 4 Seasons (4 Sets)

Kids Furniture ‘Lubu Town’ is Lubulona’s first series, a flexible wooden toy city. Lubu Town is a toy that moves children to be little modellers and develop their structures and towns. During the plan period of Lubu Town, Lubulonagave 3-to 6-year-olds various models to play with kids. In light of the perceptions during these playtests, then, at that point, re-planned and adjusted the models. The end result is an adaptable, innovative and extremely instinctive toy, joining development with emblematic play and permitting children to pick how to play and with what to play.

????Enjoy the daylight in this Summerville Lubu Town ????Toy Park has added Lubulona to our assortments. Lubulona is an extraordinary creator utilizing eco-accommodating and great materials to make these basic and clean-look building blocks and stacking trees.

Behold these wonderful cityscapes for youngsters! Open-finished play allows the creative mind to go out of control by taking into consideration unlimited potential outcomes of fun! These European made toys are ideal for creative narrating. Develop, down, or even sideways to make your experience!

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Allow youngsters to construct their universes by the accompanying blends:

Lubulona Car Turquoise Sky Blue with Red Figure

Kids Funiture

Lubulona Stacking Trees Autumn

Lubulona Town Mini 4 Seasons (4 Sets)

WayToPlay Expressway, 16 Pieces

Toys without Labels

Giving children just explicit toys limits the potential advantages they can gain insight from playing with various sorts of toys. Young men will, in general, be given more development-related toys or toy vehicles, though young ladies are, for the most part, given dolls or toys identified with emblematic play. Development toys advance spatial mindfulness and numerical understandings, while expanded play can be useful for youngsters’ capacity to sympathize with others. Why let toy promoting and sexual orientation generalizations choose which toys youngsters should play with? At Lubulona, we like to give kids a decision.

Source: Lubulona – Modern and Ethical Toys

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