The No.1 Isla De Gigantes List of Things To Do and Where To Go Summer 2020


What to do, Where to go? That’s the usual questions of a traveler. Well, here’s the list of things of what to do and where to go when you visit Isla De Gigantes

•Enjoy Unspoiled Beaches



Translucent waters nearby Bantigue Islands

•Engage in Island Hopping


A visit to Gigantes is not complete without going on to an Island Hopping tour to appreciate its outstanding beaches and islands.

  • Take a dip at Tangke

This small yet magnificent salt water lagoon is located behind tall boulder cliffs along the coast of Gigantes Sur. Take a swim at Tangke, then gaze towards the sky and see if you can find a star shape made by the rock formations that completely surround the tranquil emerald-colored lagoon.


  • Enjoy Fresh Sea Foods

You can look forward to affordable and fresh seafood in Gigantes, unofficially recognized as the scallops capital of the Philippines. The islands are also famous for its weird shaped Wasay-Wasay shell and plentiful in fish, squids, crabs, shrimps among other sea foods.

  • Unwind at Antonia Beach

A dazzling white sand beach located at an isolated corner of Gigantes Sur. The waters nearby Antonia turns into a fascinating turquoise color under sunny morning skies.

  • Picture taking at Cabugaw Gamay Island

A small island with an attractive white sand beach and tranquil waters perfect for swimming. Take a hike at the far end of the beach to get a stunning view of the island. This spot is the most taken pictures of in Gigantes

  • Discover Magical Caves

The Island are home to numerous caves unseen behind steep rock formations and cliffs. It is believed that the island chain got its name from huge coffins found at Bakwitan caves in Gigantes Norte that contained enormous sets of human bones. Many of these like Pawikan caves have large caverns that can be simply explored. Upon arriving at the entrance of the cave, travelers are greeted with a large entrance chamber appropriately lit by natural atriums or openings at the cave ceiling.

  • Go to the Old Lighthouse Ruins

Ruins of a Spanish-colonial lighthouse located at the northern shore of Gigantes Norte Island. Ascending to the top of the new lighthouse that stands next to it gives a spectacular view of the sea.

  • Visit Bantigue Island

This islet has a rather lengthy sandbar that appears during low tide. Islet has crystal clear water in Gigantes that is suitable for swimming. Go to the local neighborhood on the main part of the island and check if they have freshly steamed scallops ready for serving.

  • Travel and Discover More about Northern IloIlo

Gigantes has a lot more islands and beaches worth visiting that are not often seen by tourists if you want to go even further off the beat track. Truly, the superior area of Northern IloIlo has more island groups if you’re left wanting for more bits of paradise. Go to the white sandy shores of Sicogon Island located an hour away by boat from Gigantes or Conception’s group of islands, particularly the islands of Agho, Pan de Acuzar, and Bulubudiangan (Sandbar) Island.

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