Mayor’s unusual action in Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat | Mayor Charles Federick Ploteña

Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat

A number of OFWs who are returning home after being assisted by the government’s Back Provincial Program are currently staying in the isolation centers of their respective municipalities.

Here in the town of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat – thanks to four OFWs from all over the world for their wonderful accommodation provided by their local government.
Even though it was late at night when they landed at Gensan International Airport, they were met by local officials and taken to their quarantine facility.

Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat

Even though they have never met their relatives, they are reassured that they and their families are still here because they are here in their hometown and that they have only been together for a few days.

Although they have been quarantined in Luzon for almost two months, they have no problem with the 14-day quarantine in the quarantine center of the municipality.

According to them, from Central Luzon where they were quarantined they were exposed until they traveled to the airport, by plane, by bus to their municipalities so they had to isolate themselves for their own benefit and the welfare of the people they will be with when they return home.

Once the pandemic is over, they plan to return to their overseas jobs.

According to Dr. Gilson L. Laspiñas of MHO Esperanza – although tests were conducted before these repatriates traveled, they were still undergoing their hands for thorough examination before being sent to quarantine facilities here in the municipality.

Their relatives can visit them at the quarantine center but only follow protocols to avoid contact.

According to Esperanza Sultan Kudarat Mayor Charles Federic Ploteña – their preparations for the succession of local stranded individuals (LSIs) and OFWs in their hometown are continuing.

He said the isolation centers in each barangay as well as the municipal isolation units were ready to receive LSIs and trained the people who would handle them.

The municipality will also shoulder all the needs of these LSIs and OFWs especially their food and other essential needs.

He admits that they are at high risk now that they are receiving exodus, but as the father of the town, it is hard to feel that your children are lacking in your home so it’s challenging because they are already exposed to places with covids need to be welcomed and provided with appropriate and good accommodation.

In some of the remaining residents of the town in ECQ (now GCQ) areas such as NCR, Cebu and Davao, the LGU also sent 2000 pesos cash assistance. Somehow it will help meet their basic needs while quarantined in such areas.

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