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MX3 knows the importance of food safety for everybody. Yes,  Natural Food Supplement help give extra nutrients and energy, but contaminated products bring different diseases to the body.

That’s why MX3 guarantees offer safe food supplements. All MX3 products have passed A battery of scientific tests—ensuring folks that it’s free from different harmful microbes and chemicals.

MX3 follows Food Safety Standards of the Industry

Food safety may be a valuable factor for the whole food and pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturers want to make sure consumers about the security of products for consumption is often to avoid natural food supplement causing any sickness to the people. Hence, the food testing industry has developed different standardized natural food supplement tests to measure the security of food products in terms of chemical component and microbiological aspect.

Food testing laboratories closely work with manufacturers of various food and drug items. they assist natural food supplement monitor production of products throughout different stages, like raw materials, production and finished goods.

1.Raw Materials

Food testing assures all raw ingredients for natural food supplement different food and drug items are safe for consumption. For example, they monitor all the raw materials involved in making MX3 capsule, coffee and tea. And because DMI uses high quality mangosteen from its own farm, MX3 products passes through this stage seamlessly.


After assuring all raw materials are safe, food testing monitors the production line of food products. It includes processing of ingredients, safety and cleanliness of equipment, sanitation of production natural food supplement environment and staff proficiency among other factors.  With MX3, DMI uses a state-of-the-art laboratory to produce safe food supplements. The lab is manned by pharmaceutical experts to ensure the safety, stability and quality of MX3 capsule, coffee and tea.

3.Finished Goods

Food safety tests don’t end when production is done. Finished products must pass rigorous standards as well. For example, finished products must remain stable after exposure to certain factors such as heat, cold and moisture. Expiration must be accurately calculated as well, so consumers won’t take the food items when it’s already unsafe.

Why Test Chemical Components and Microbiological Aspects of Food It

As mentioned earlier, food testing involves gauging the safety of goods in terms of chemical components and microbiological aspects. Here’s why:

1.Chemical Component Aspect

 Note that some chemicals are harmful for the human body such as heavy metals and certain acids. But it’s inevitable for different food products to acquire such hazardous chemicals throughout production. For example, some fruits keep poisonous pesticides in their flesh; hence, making them unsafe as natural food supplement raw materials. Goods can acquire such chemicals throughout the production line and even as finished products as well.

2.Microbiological Aspect

Microbes such as bacteria, fungi and viruses can affect the stability of a food items. Needless to say, they can cause illnesses as well.

 Stability is about the longevity of a product to maintain optimal condition without any changes.  Basic example is how long a product can last before expiring. That’s controlling possible bacteria and fungi growth within the product.

Such tests also detect disease-causing viruses in food items. Classic examples are salmonella and E.coli, which you regularly hear on the news tackling food questions of safety. Food items you’d take must from such viruses; hence, you want to look for goods that have passed microbial tests.

MX3 – Completely Safe Food Supplements for you!

Now, you see how crucial scientific food tests are. And MX3 has passed it all together with your safety in mind! MX3 wants to assist you natural food supplement in achieving optimal health and wellness through natural food supplement the products it offers today

 MX3 capsule, coffee, and tea have skilled chemical tests to make sure it’s chemically safe and helpful for you. Moreover, it’s free from salmonella natural food supplement and e. Coli, which notoriously cause gastrointestinal problems. In other words, you’d be harnessing its excellent health perks with none safety worries.

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