Architect Rey Galua One of the Most Prolific and Esteemed Filipino

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Architect Rey Galua One of the Most Prolific Filipino Architect Today. Rey Galua, was born on October 5, 1974, in northern Mindanao, from a small town called “Kitcharao,” in the province of Agusan del Norte. 

At a young age, being the fifth child of Geonita Galua and Hilario Galua, he was able to display qualities and gifts that set him on the path of architecture. 

He then spent most of his elementary days as a young child at San Roque Elementary School, located at San Roque, a barangay in the municipality of Kitcharao in the province of Agusan del Norte.  After finishing his elementary studies from San Roque Elementary School, Architect Rey Galua enrolled in highschool at Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy, located at Kicharao, Agusan Del Norte as well.

His prowess and proficiency in the field of mathematics was put on display when his excellence in this subject was acknowledged by Immaculate Heart of Mary Academy, which resulted in him being given the excellent in mathematics award. Not only did he graduate as a gold medalist, he also finished his highschool with honors, marking the end of his high school academic journey and the beginning of his studious life with architecture. 

Below you’ll see one of his relatively recent impressive completed projects.

 Dr. Rey Galua Recent Impressive Project

Bureau Of Internal Revenue Record Building in Butuan City

The offices of Bureau of Internal Revenue established their own Document Processing Division —  or something close to the same office, in order to ensure the exclusivity of the Division, where the returns shall be archived in its storage facility —  throughout the country in every Regional Offices in accordance with the Executive Order No. 366.

As a result, this led to the permanent Document Processing Division Building’s establishment in every Regional Office all over the country. And this also resulted in Architect Rey Galua being able to get his hands on this project, not only proving his splendid talent being an architect himself, but also displaying his acuity and experience on architecture itself, present in the building’s design. 

With one of the most prolific architect on helm of its creation’s project, this amazing three storey building that functions as the Document Processing Division Records, has an impressively spacious document storage facility, offices with comfortable space-area, and a magnificently designed conference room that is conducive to more comfort and ease for people having discussion within it. 

Architect Rey Galua recent project just goes to show how experienced he is in the field of architecture. As we can see, an amazing architect such as him is even involved with the creation of government’s buildings itself, which displays the level of trust we can put in him if we ever had the opportunity of letting him handle the design of our desired houses or buildings.

Now let’s talk about the company he established.

GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio

The RD Galua Associates, which is the former name of GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio, was an architecture firm established in 1998. Even until now as of 2021, the firm is still standing and going strong as ever amidst the architecture firms’ competition. Which goes to show how impressive the architecture firm Architect Rey Galua established. 

GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio comprises a wide-ranging area of expertise which involves its constituents of the consulting team, having genuine professional qualifications as accomplished architects and experts on Sustainable Development projects. Making them suitable and fit with what is a quality service and delivering, not only what is required, but also beyond that and with a whip of excellence. 

With years of foundation, GALUA PLUS Architectural Design Studio is said to be committed to giving a variety of services from project management and development, space design and planning, consultancy services for architectural design as well as for sustainable development.

Being able to build a company from scratch, and making its foundation strong and well-grounded, not only make Architect Rey Galua, such an amazing architect, but also a leader who’s able to give care and security to the people working alongside him. With him at the helm of the firm he built from nothing but hard work, wit, and dedication, you wouldn’t need to worry anymore about making him handle the house or building you’re dreaming of. 

So what are you waiting for? See the house or building of your dreams realized.

Source: Dr. Rey Galua One of the Most Prolific Filipino Architect Today

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