Mayor Inday Sara Duterte on the PHP 200 Billion COVID Fund

oust duterte

Narito ang sagot ni Mayor Inday Sara Duterte para sa 200 BILLION COVID FUND 

200 Billion Covid Fund

Inday Sara Duterte : Why are you blaming Duterte for the slowness of the 200 Billion fund? HE RELEASED THAT! Blame your LGUs!! This is what you get for having a centralized government. This is why Duterte wanted Federalism but you dumbasses think it’s some sort of Martial Law. Now, you blab your mouth cos you did not feel the 200 Billion? The fuck! 😒😠 Don’t me! This is just cause and effect. You blame the President yet all he knows is that he released it. Imagine how many official heads that the money has to go through before it reaches your hand. A LOT! 😤

Don’t expect that y’all are getting 1 million each or what!

•Testing Kits are expensive.

•Paying for the Doctors and Nurses is expensive even if that’s 500 pesos a day but do y’all understand how many health care workers we have?

•Paying for private establishments so they become homes for PUI how many million is that?

• HOW MANY ISLANDS/CITIZENS DO WE HAVEEE? As per Catriona “not just me but 104 million Filipinos!” CALCULATE THAT IN YOU HEAD!

You ask why I blame the LGUs? Because look at other cities. When the head official does his job properly his people can feel that 200 Billion. Pero kung inyong Mayor diha or unsa kay kurakot aw sorry, usa ka delata ranay makuha ninyo.

I swear after this COVID you’ll see your LGUs buying new cars and properties. #OUSTDUTERTE pa mo murag nakasabot. 😠

Analogy: If you go to a shop let’s say H&M unya gisuklian kag sayup sa cashier. Do you blame the CEO of H&M for the incompetence of that cashier? Imo ipataktak ang CEO? Diba di? You instead look for the Manager and blame the cashier! Same rana! Blame your LGU!


Ikaw, agree ka ba or disagree sa sagot nya?

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