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Do you have a child who is easily agitated and distracted?

The treatment: An Ultimate Brain Break!

This well-researched, easy-to-read book explains why and how movement is important for learning and focus. It teaches you not only how to include these 60 brain breaks into your family’s or classroom’s daily routine, but also how to reap the long-term advantages by teaching your children (or yourself) to identify the signals your body sends when you need to move!

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If your toddler is becoming anxious and distracted, now is the moment to intervene! To learn all of the tricks, get this book. Help your kids move to improve focus and learning! Don’t miss this opportunity to get this top ultimate Brain Breaks coupons.

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What are the benefits of taking a brain break?

Brain Breaks are quick physical exercises aimed to revitalize a child’s mental, emotional, and physical state while learning. They are usually brief (between one and five minutes) and high-intensity (think jumping jacks or pushups).

Ultimate Brain Breaks Coupons And Promo Codes

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultimate Brain Breaks?

Ultimate Brain Breaks is a well-researched and easy-to-read book that breaks down how and why movement matters for learning and optimal focus. Your children will reap the life-long benefits by helping them recognize the signal their body sends that they need a movement break.

What can they learn from this book?

Your children can learn why movement is so critical to learning, How to spot when your children need a brain break, How to help your children discern when to utilize a brain break and regain focus, and lastly 60 amazing brain break exercises.

How will I get my ebook?

When you purchase the book the download link of the book will be sent to your email address associated with your PayPal email. The download link will remain life for days exactly three days. Just make sure you have access to that email before you purchase.

How do you take a brain break?

  • Plan according to your schedule.
  • Try different breaks for different brains.
  • Identify when a brain break has started and ended.
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment.

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