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What is BuyProxies.org Coupon Code?

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code is a cheap proxy service company that offers high anonymous HTTP/HTTPS. BuyProxies online is the biggest site for private and anonymous proxies. It is affordable and faster than most.

The store provides Money-Back Guarantee on most purchases. VPN Packages 7 days hassle-free refund on all subscriptions. They offer a 7 days money-back guarantee. Proxies Packages: 24 hours money-back guarantee on all subscriptions. If you aren’t happy with your order, don’t hesitate to apply for a refund in time.

Is BuyProxies.org worth it?

Yes. BuyProxies.org Coupon Code has a focus on providing dedicated proxy packages for Ticketmaster and Shoe (sneaker) selling websites. BuyProxies.org Coupon Code website is easy to use. From their homepage, you can easily navigate to your areas of interest, such as the proxy selling page and the client area.

Watch out for the latest deals BuyProxies offers on VPN Packages: (1) Save 39 $ in 6 Months on Annual plan; and (2) Save 15$ in 6 months on Semi-annual plan. Visit their site to get further information and grab those deals before they’re gone!

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code

Where to buy proxies?

If you are willing to purchase a shared proxy now, try BuyProxies.org Coupon Code for best quality secure proxies. There are many proxy sites, providing shared proxies. Just read their features in detail and do the price comparison of proxy sites. BuyProxies247 offers the cheapest proxy price online, you can buy cheap shared proxies as well as buy cheap BuyProxies socks5 proxies.

Check out the BuyProxies.org Coupon Code. There are a few ways for you to get your hands on a working BuyProxies.org coupon code: Sign up for BuyProxies.org Coupon Code email alerts. Sweet deals and hot coupons will flow into your mailbox frequently. Don’t forget to check the home page carefully so you won’t miss any promotion they place there. And, check in regularly with coupon sites, like Coupon Plus Deals. BuyProxies coupons and deals are updated here regularly so you can compare and pick which one matches you most.

Are your proxies working with Dofus?

No, our proxies don’t work anymore with Dofus. To use your BuyProxies.org coupon codes, follow these steps: Firstly, grasp BuyProxies.org Coupon Code at couponsplusdeals.com. Secondly, visit BuyProxies.org website, click to choose any item which you feel in love with then add it to your cart. Continue to click “Proceed to check out.” Finally, enter the code into the “Gift card or discount code” cell then apply. Your total payment will be discounted immediately.

Do you have backconnect/rotating proxies?

Sorry, no. Our proxies have fixed ips.

Do you have mobile proxies?

Sorry, we don’t have mobile or residential proxies

How to set up a proxy in Firefox?

You must go to Firefox’s option and search for a proxy. Even if the proxies have user and password, those will be requested when you visit the first page with the proxy. So on the Firefox’s settings you must enter just the IP and the Port. Also please make sure that you click to use the proxies for all the protocols.

What is a subnet (range, C-class)?

The subnet is made by the first 3 numbers of an IP. For instance, if you have this IP, that belongs to the subnet 11.22.33. Also all the IPs from to are in the same subnet 11.22.33.XXX. Having proxies from more subnets is usually a good thing because you will have IP diversity and it will mean less bans because some sites will ban entire subnets.

Can I buy IPv6 proxies?

Sorry, at this moment is not possible

How to use proxies in python?

Import requests https=”https://user:pass@IP:port” http=”http://user:pass@IP:port” proxies = {“https”: https, “http”: http} url = ‘https://ipinfo.io’ r = requests.get(url, proxies=proxies) print (r.content).

Do you offer Socks proxies?

Yes, we offer both socks5 proxies and HTTP proxies. Our BuyProxies socks5 is the best socks5 version.

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code
Is port 25 open on your proxies?

Sorry, it isn’t . We don’t allow emailing, so port 25 is closed.

How many connections/threads to use with the proxies?

Depends on a lot of factors like: how many connections your computer can handle; your computer’s bandwidth; your program/script, some are better than the others on resource management; and the sites where you will use the proxies.

If you make too many connections, the site will be considered an abuse and the proxies will get banned. So you have to experiment a bit by starting with a small number of connections/threads and increasing until you will see a degradation of your performance because if you use too many, you risk saturating your resources and some connections will timeout.

Do you have a proxy plugin for chrome?

Yes, this is our chrome proxy plugin.

Do you provide proxies on port 8080?

No, that is the default port for many proxy servers and letting port 8080 open will reveal that the IP is a proxy on the proxy detection sites.

Do you provide proxies on port 3128?

No, that is the default port for many proxy servers and letting port 3128 open will reveal that the IP is a proxy on the proxy detection sites.

Do you have Residential proxies?

We don’t offer Residential proxies.

Are your proxies working with shoes/sneakers sites?

Yes, for shoes/sneakers proxies, please check the shoes proxies.

Are your proxies good with one opinion, inbox dollars, or other survey sites?

Sorry, they aren’t.

Are your proxies working with NTLM authentication?

No, they aren’t working with NTLM. They work just with Basic authentication

How to use the proxies in the proxifier?

Here is an example of a configuration for proxifier: https://help.buyproxies.org/how-to-use-the-proxies-in-proxifier.

What is timeout?

Timeout means how much time (usually seconds) the program should wait for a page to load. If your internet is slow, you use a lot of connections or the page is slow/big, you should put a bigger value.

How do I use the proxies with cURL from the Linux’s terminal If you need to use cURL with proxies which require authentication: curl –proxy-user proxyuser:proxypassword –proxy http://mydomain.com.

Are your proxies working with SSH protocol (putty)?

You can’t connect with SSH on the proxy server but the proxies will support a SSH connection to a different server, it will act like an intermediary between you and the server which runs SSH.

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code
Do you offer auto-rotating proxies?

Sorry, we don’t.

Can I get some trial/test proxies?

If you aren’t sure about our service, we can provide a few proxies for tests for a few days.

Please mention in the ticket: if you want the proxies from USA or Europe; the program/site for which you want them; and if your program doesn’t accept proxies with user/pass we also need your server’s/computer’s IP to whitelist it on our system.

How to set proxy in Safari?

Please make sure that you click both, WebProxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS), otherwise the proxy will work by default only on http sites.

How do you I find out my current BuyProxies IP address from linux?

You can find out your current BuyProxies IP address on a linux machine if you run this command on the ssh terminal curl -s checkip.dyndns.org | sed -e ‘s/.Current IP Address: //’ -e ‘s/<.$//’.

I need to change the password of the proxies. What will I do?

You can change the passwords of your proxies from the My proxies menu / Change pass

I get “Unable to connect to the proxy server error” on my browser when I use the proxies. What will I do?

Please make sure that the proxy is put in the correct format on your browser settings.

You should enter just the IP and the port, the user and the pass will be requested when you will enter on the first page with that proxy.

If it is still failing, please change to using port 55555 instead of 80. Also, make sure that you don’t have any antivirus/firewalls which could block your connections. How often can I change the proxies By default we send a new list each time a new invoice is paid.

All my proxies are dead when I test them on proxy-checker.org. What does it mean?

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code can test just open proxies (IP: port format), your proxies are protected with user and pass. testmyproxies.com can test proxies with users and pass.

I’m going to test the speed of my server/proxies. What will I do?

To test the speed of your server/proxies, you can use speedtest.net. By default speed test. makes the test against the closest server, that isn’t too accurate because the test server could be in the same network as your server and that will use the internal network, not the internet. So please pick a few random locations from the map, especially from the USA (the majority of the sites are hosted there).

When I use your proxies I get an empty page on cloudflare and 502 error code but when I don’t use any proxy the page loads, why is that so? It is because the webmaster of that site put a geolocation restriction, the page is visible only from certain countries which he picked.

I’m using a VPN and I also want to use proxies, will they work?

Yes, it won’t be any problem

I get a 500 error code when using the proxies on instagram, why is that?

It is an intermittent issue from instagram, not from the proxies, please see http://developers.instagram.com/post/82701625883/api-returning-500-errors-on-specific-ip.

Do you have a Skype ID?

No, we use just the support tickets to communicate.

I’ve paid but I didn’t get any proxies. Why is that?

We usually send the proxies after a few minutes. Please also check the spam folder on your email or the My email/My proxies menu from our site

I need elite proxies, do you have them?

Yes, all our proxies are elite, the best level of anonymity a proxy can have.

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code
I get error code 417. How will I fix it?

To fix the 417 error please add on your script System.Net.ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = false.

On which ports are running your proxies? Does the port matter?

By default, our proxies are running on port 80 and 55555. For some clients just one of those might work because of their network settings, but for 99% of our clients the both ports will work.

Those are the ports on which you enter the proxy which doesn’t matter because the sites will see you on the exit port. You control the exit port.

Can I pay BuyProxies.org Coupon Code with PayPal?

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code accepts payment via PayPal.

Does BuyProxies.org Coupon Code accept refunds?

Yes. The refunds are provided only in the first 24 hours after ordering if the customer will request it via our site.

How can I renew my services to BuyProxies.org Coupon Code?

The service is automatically renewed each month for each service, unless the Customer doesn’t put a cancellation from his account on our site.

What will happen if I can’t pay for my monthly obligation?

All payments are due in full on the monthly or another periodic anniversary date, depending on the duration of Services agreed upon.

Failure to remit payment for Services under this TOS on the monthly or other periodic anniversary date is a breach of this TOS.

The provider may provide Customer with Services following a failure to pay, but is not obligated to. Failure to remit payment by the next calendar day, which includes the anniversary date, shall result in the suspension of Services until payment is made.

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code
What is your cancellation policy?

Users may cancel at any time and start from when the cancellation request was sent, no future invoices will be generated and the current unpaid invoices will be deleted.

What have others said about using BuyProxies.org Coupon Code?

BuyProxies.org Coupon Code is a big player in the ever-growing proxy industry. They are one of the popular dedicated and shared proxy providers and have good user feedback. It has 4.6 stars rating based on the BuyProxies.or reviews.

I want to put a link to your proxies site from my site. Do you have an affiliate program? Yes, we have it. For the BuyProxies.org Coupon Code affiliate program, please see http://buyproxies.org/panel/affiliates.php.

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