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FAQ on Crypto Crew University

What is Crypto Crew University?

Crypto Crew University LLC is an online site that offers courses that have changed lives around the world by taking complex trading topics and making them incredibly simple, with dominant step-by-step strategies. At CCU, their students are their highest priority. They put their hearts into everything they do. They provide world-class customer service and are there to help you every single step of the way in your crypto journey. Their focus is on helping you remove your stress, gain massive confidence, gain a dominating strategy, and feel the joy of winning. The official website is https://cryptocrewuniversity.com/.

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I am new to Crypto, which Courses are best for me?

Whether you’re new to Crypto or a veteran, you will LOVE the Gold Bundle! The Gold Bundle will be perfect for you!

I’ve been in Crypto for more than 1 year, will your Courses help?

If you have less than 5 years of Crypto/Trading experience the Gold Bundle will be perfect for you. It’s the one ALL of my students rave about. You will LOVE the Courses! They will be a game-changer for you for many years to come.

I know the basics and have some experience, which Course is best?

The Gold Bundle will give you incredible results whether you just entered Crypto or have a few years of experience. It will teach you how to maximize your money with very little time!

Are your Courses for Day, Swing, or Long Term Traders?

Our Courses will teach you incredibly powerful strategies for Day Trading, Swing Trading, and Long Term Investing! On top of that, you will learn Steve’s customized Hybrid Strategy, which is built to dominate Crypto and other markets as well!

For whom are your Courses?

Our Courses are perfect for you if you’re tired of making bad trades, tired of not knowing when the right time to buy or right time to sell is, or tired of not having a dominating strategy. The Gold Bundle is perfect for you if you want to transform yourself into a successful trader to better provide for your family, build your retirement or have much more confidence trading. You deserve it! Plus, we will be here helping you each step of the way on your Crypto journey!

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Will your Courses and strategies also work for the Stock Market?

Absolutely! We custom-designed the Courses by taking Steve’s 20 years of experience and condensing that down into the most powerful strategies that can be used in any market. Whether you’re a Day Trader, Swing Trader, or Long-Term Investor or use Steve’s Custom Hybrid Strategy. Best of all, the strategies and skills you will learn in our Courses you will be able to use for the rest of your life!

Will your Indicators work in any market?

Absolutely! We custom-designed the indicators to work across all markets. However, many were specifically designed for Crypto. Steve’s 21 Club and Steve’s DCMACD are by far the most popular indicators with our students!

Do I need your Courses or Indicators?

This is a great question but let me ask you a few questions to help you better understand which route will best set you up for success. Do you want to learn how to trade? (Gold Bundle) Do you only care about the answers to the test? (Indicator Bundle) Do you want a full education plus a full tool kit? (ALL IN ONE) If you have any questions please send me an email.

When will you launch the CCU VIP group?

We are planning to create a special group to help folks take their learning to the next level. Please note, that this will be separate from the Courses and be a subscription-based service. This will not be a chat group as chat groups are proven to ruin success, due to too much emotion. Stay tuned and watch your email for special updates, as we will launch this special group in 2022.

What is included in each Course?

Simply select the Home tab, on the top left of this page. Next, select click the “?” under each section to see what is included with each Bundle. Hint: ALL IN ONE education is our most popular.

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Will I have time to complete the Courses?

One of the biggest benefits of our Courses is you will be able to finish fast! We cut out all of the extra fluff and ONLY cover the most important things you need to know! Most students finish in just a few weeks and some in one or two months. On top of that, once you finish, you will only need 15 minutes per day to be a successful trader, with the secret strategies you will discover inside!

How are the Courses viewed?

We have a state-of-the-art online learning system to maximize your learning and lead you to your new success! All our Courses are in the form of High-Def videos, and their contents are indexed for you to find topics or points of interest easily.

Are your Courses easy to follow?

Yes, you will 100% understand my Courses as I keep it super simple, even if today is your first time trading! I have had a lot of students who have English as a second language and they all LOVE my Courses because I keep it very, very simple and easy to understand. Plus, if you sign up for Gold or All In One you will have unlimited email support for all of your questions, homework, and help with your charts!

Can I start trading after taking one of your Courses?

Once you finish the Gold Bundle you will have all the necessary tools, knowledge, and confidence to start trading right away! Of course, all financial decisions are completely up to you. We have discovered that our students who watch the Courses all the way through and re-watch 2-3 times make significantly more profits. This is true because so many more dots will connect with each additional time you re-watch the Courses.

Leading you to even stronger confidence, more in-depth understanding, and a better chance at success. Students who only partially complete a Course can choose to start trading right away however, it’s not recommended, as you will have an incomplete strategy. Our Courses fit beautifully together like puzzle pieces to maximize your success. If you have any additional questions, just email us.

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Will I receive all the Bonus Modules?

You will receive all Bonus Modules with the Gold Bundle or ALL IN ONE package.

Do I need a Tradingview Account?

Yes, to use any of our Custom Indicators you will need at least the free version of Tradingview. Most of our students upgrade to the Pro Version. You can read more about Tradingview Plans and what they offer by CLICKING HERE.

Where do I find my Tradingview Username?

To gain access to your brand new Indicators please follow these steps. Log into your TradingView Account, Click your name in the upper right-hand corner, and select Profile from the drop-down menu. Copy your URL or Username. Paste your unique Tradingview URL or Username in an email and click send.

Do you give Trade Signals once I sign up?

Many of my students thought they would also need signals and after they finished my Courses, they were blown away! They no longer needed someone to tell them when to buy and when to sell. I taught them the exact dominating strategy that I use. After you take our Courses, you will have the confidence, tools, and strategies to be able to act on your own! I’m looking forward to helping you become empowered and be able to make incredible trades on your own!

Do you have a Student Group or Community?

We no longer have a live chat group. The good news is, you’re far better off without it, as it did more bad than good and quickly became full of emotion. We all know emotion is the number one money killer, which is why I decided to close it down. Not to worry, you will have something even better, full email support 24/7, 365 days a year to answer any questions you may have about the Courses, your homework or simply getting help with your charts, for life!

Why isn’t my Credit Card going through?

The most common issue is credit limit or your card may have a security feature for shopping online. The first step is ensuring that the information you are entering matches your credit card billing information, not your home address. If this does not help you may need to call your bank to verify your online purchase. You can also send us an email and we will help you get set up!

How do I cancel my payment plan?

Log in to your payment portal at https://cryptocrewuniversity.com/my-account. Next, click PAYMENT PLAN. On the right-hand side simply click CANCEL and follow the prompts. Did you know stopping payments will pause access to all future Courses which contain critical pieces to the strategy? If there is anything I can do let me know, I am here for you.

What is a drip-feed payment plan?

Each payment you make, you will receive the number of Courses you paid for in that installment. Our Gold Bundle contains 35 Courses. If you choose a 3- month payment plan, you will receive 11 Courses for the first and second payment and 12 Courses for the last payment. Payment 1 is due at sign-up. 30 days later the next payment is due. If you decide you want to unlock your Courses quicker simply make a payment early. If you have any additional questions, please email us.

How do I log in and find my Courses?

Simply head on over to https://ccucampus.cryptocrewuniversity.com/login/ and enter your Username/Password.

How do I sign up with the PayPal payment plan?

We have an option for payment plans through PayPal Credit. During the checkout process: Fill out your billing information; Choose PayPal; Check read the Terms and Conditions, and Click PROCEED TO PAYPAL. On the next screen, you will need to sign in to PayPal and follow their steps. Once the order is confirmed you will receive a few emails and gain access to your Courses!

Do you have worldwide payment plans?

Yes, we do! We have 3-month and 12 -month payment plans which are becoming INCREDIBLY popular with our students. Simply add your Course to the cart and select PAYMENT PLAN. Choose 3 or 12 months. Pick your payment method – BTC/ETH, Credit Card, or PayPal. Check the box and click SIGN UP NOW! We’re excited to welcome you in and help you go from struggling trader to successful trader!

Are there renewal fees?

Not! Once you sign up, you’re family! You will have unlimited lifetime access to your Courses in our state-of-the-art learning portal at CCU Campus!

Do you have any special discounts for Veterans?

First, thank you for your service and selfless sacrifice in protecting our freedoms and way of life. All you need to do is simply email us and we will provide you with a couple of steps to get you all set up with a special discount right from the heart of CCU.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?

Yes! We have an amazing Crypto Crew University Affiliate Marketing Program where you can earn up to $800-$2800 (20%) for each person that signs up! This is quickly becoming INCREDIBLY popular with individuals looking to supplement their income or simply make enough to pay for their Courses! Click Here to SIGN UP! We have the HIGHEST payouts in all of Crypto to help change your life and financial situation while helping others change their lives so everyone wins! We’re looking forward to having you onboard!

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Why are the Courses so expensive?

I understand where you’re coming from and actually, many of my students thought the same thing as you before they signed up. Once they signed up, they were BLOWN AWAY at how my Courses transformed their life, gave them tremendous confidence, and turned their portfolio around! They do have one regret that they always email me; they wished they signed up sooner! I want you to be next; I want to help transform your life and get you onto a fresh new path to success! Don’t make the same mistake they did, don’t wait any longer!

Why are the payment plans more expensive?

The payment plans are like any other payment plans for any company, in any industry. The goal is to help break the payment up into bite-sized pieces, which have been LOVED by our new students. If you’re looking at the total price, there is an obvious discount for paying in full as that is the main benefit of paying in full. The major benefit of paying in payment plans is having the ability to break it up into bite-sized payments but just like any payment plan, the total price is slightly more than if you paid in full.

Will I receive any support to help me through the Courses?

Absolutely! Unlimited email support 24/7 – 365 days a year to answer any questions you may have about the Courses, your homework or simply getting help with your charts for life. I am here to help you at each step of your journey!

I keep getting a USERNAME/EMAIL INVALID error message?

Please ensure you are logging in at https://ccucampus.cryptocrewuniversity.com/login/ to view your Courses.

I bought the Courses but I can’t log in?

First of all, welcome in! Once you’ve purchased, you will receive an email with your login details for the learning dashboard at CCU Campus. If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam and it will be there. Please ensure you are logging in to CCU CAMPUS and not the MAIN WEBSITE when viewing your Courses. Any further questions? Email me!

How do I log onto the Learning Portal at CCU Campus?

Once your order is completed, you will be sent your login credentials via email. You can then either click directly from your email or visit: (1) My Account; and (2) Enter your login details to view your learning dashboard. If you have any questions, just EMAIL US.

I just signed up, should I buy or sell?

I highly recommend you do not make any buys or sells until after you have finished the PRO. Then you will have a powerful strategy and proper tools to proceed with absolute confidence. Until then, it’s best to minimize any further bad habits, minimize any mistakes and start fresh. Please remember all financial decisions are 100% up to you and I can only make recommendations.

Can I split the payment between ETH and BTC?

Our system cant read split payments such as this. The simple solution is just to sell a little bit of BTC into ETH and sign up. I look forward to welcoming you in!

Do I need to add the transaction fees when I purchase with BTC?

Normally if you transfer BTC to another account the system adds the transaction fee automatically. For BTC payments on our website – simply copy the amount listed and copy the address and you will be fine.

I bought the Courses with BTC, but I haven’t received anything?

Not to worry, Bitcoin payments generally take about 2 hours to process. Once the system is confirmed, you will receive a welcome email and the courses. However, you can email your TX ID/HASH and we can manually verify your order.

Where do I enter my ETH or BTC address?

On our website during the checkout process. Once you fill out all of your information and click PLACE ORDER, the page will reload with the ETH or BTC address and amount needed. Please complete all orders on the CCU website.

Will I receive an Invoice?

Yes, let me know after you sign up, I will send an invoice to you. Please include any information you would like reflected on your invoice.

Why do you collect billing info for Crypto payments?

This is by default for all payment options due to the need to verify billing details when using a credit card. CCU will never sell any of your information under any circumstance to another person, party, or company. If you have questions or concerns please send us an email at info@cryptocrewuniversity.com.

Who is Crypto Crew University Steve?

Crypto Crew University Steve Courtney is the creator of Crypto Crew University.

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What have others said about Crypto Crew University?

“Based on Crypto Crew University reviews, it received positive feedback from their CCU students. “Trading was becoming too stressful so I decided to bite the bullet and buy Steve’s combo classes. Since I took Steve’s classes back in December of 2018 I have made consistent gains of 10%-50%” -Peter Stonis.

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