5 Best New Social Media Apps that are most popular today.

The best new social media app will help us connect to the digital or online world. But, how about the new best way to meet from online to physical? Have you heard that there is a new way where you can maximize opportunities with those you come across in real life? 

Ok, I know you’re wondering what I am telling you about. I am just referring to the new app where you will have all the information of your connection from online in just one single tap. You can merge all of your contact information and online presence into a single profile; it also merges all your social media apps in one place. 

I am referring to Blue Social App. It is a digital business card, the smartest card in the world where you can share with others through contactless tapping your Blue Smart Cards to a smart device.

See the Actual Demo Video To See the Best New Social Media App: Blue Social App Contactless Auto-Networking is Working!

With Blue Social App, you have all of the chances to boost your digital profile or social media profiles in a brand new and super fresh way. It is a proprietary auto-networking technology that can help you discover those around you, not miles away, and with the feature that encourages interaction. 

By this Social Networking, the Blue Social App user is essentially combining their virtual experiences or meetings with their real-life. 

This is why Blue Social App company is happy to announce that with their latest update, they have also introduced a number of apps that will be integral parts of the Blue Social Appl platform. 

Blue Social App will intergrate the big social media apps like Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, Venmo, Twitter and Snapchat. But, they want to introduce also the latest features as well the rank as the most popular are as follows:

What are the Best New Social Media Apps Online?

In order to get ahead in this high and competitive digital or internet age is to get familiarize and utilize available tools or apps online. 

Not everyone is having a chance to be able to plug into so many of these technologies for recreational use are familiar.

Many people are able to create real and good careers by exhibiting their talents with the help of mobile devices. We have vloggers now, some of them are uses smart mobile phone to showcase their talents on Youtube Videos. We also have Social Media Influencers where they are using mobile phone to improve their pressence online. 

What if Im going to tell you that you can do more works with Blue Social App? If you are newbie in the industry and you would like to know or meet the nearest people belongs to your niche it is possible now.

Example: I am a student or a vlogger or maybe an Etsy Seller and I would like to meet people who do the same thing like mine. Then, all I need to do is to Go to Blue Social App and look for that specific person. 

Sounds amazing?

Networking is a must if you’re into business. Vlogging is business. Selling on Etsy is the same thing. Entreprenuers would like to meet entreprenuer. 

Well..correct me if I am wrong!

This is the reason why we would like to introduce the following new features because we want you to utilize them to make a big difference in your networking game and connect with people who can help you where you want to be.

1. Etsy

This platform’s values are those that truly align with Blue’s because they prioritize the human element over automation, by being the quintessential opposite of the Walmarts and the Amazons of the world and putting uniquely independent sellers first. The kind of place where your buck really can make a difference, and we support it. In a networking setting, the brand that is Etsy is synonymous with the values of giving back to the community, and we think that really says something about character when others are able to see something like that in your profile. Ecommerce for good wins the gold!

2. Yelp

A tool that can help some of the hardest-hit industries of the global pandemic, Yelp is designed to help connect people with businesses. Part of keeping our economy competitive comes from the patrons that keep businesses afloat and the feedback that makes them stronger. That is why Yelp has been such a great resource for accountability, especially when it comes to aspects of our quality of life, such as that of what we eat. In the age of COVID-19 and mass unemployment, Blue users can showcase their yelp pages as part of their profile, which can help them gain loyal customers to their business in hard-hit times, especially since people are more likely to buy from people they trust. Yelp users will always have their online following, but now they can use Blue to help people put a face to a business, which builds brand loyalty through human connection. You can even use the link in your Blue profile to support your local Black-owned businesses by sharing them with everyone you meet. Sharing is caring at number two.

3. Twitch

We all love finding a social media internet space where you can geek out with people about the things you love most. What sets twitch apart, however, is the way in which it lets those people come together in more interactive ways, being able to create content together in a variety of different subjects from gaming to music, podcasts and talk shows, sports, and so much more. Similarly, Blue helps people find others when they want to be discovered and show off everything that makes them, well them. What we hope will happen naturally, is that people will see your twitch content and use Blue to break the ice so that they can start geeking out with you. Niche marketing for the bronze.

4. Cashapp

Cash rules everything around you, or something like that… but at Blue were all for seamless interactions. That’s what makes Cashapp hopping on the Blue platform so exciting because now you can connect with those around you to help find the resources you need for your business or charitable cause. The idea here is that by including your Cashapp along with your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, people you come across in real life can also look through your online profile to see your online campaigns and contribute if they decide to donate. Venmo is also available through the Blue platform which increases versatility and your chances of making that connection. Cash is king but in this ranking, not quite.

How You Can Share the Latest Best New Social Media Apps?

The great thing about Blue is that you can not only share some of your favorite profiles like the ones listed above but that Blue is a platform that is ready to bring on the next generation of mobile-focused companies to the roster since we’re just getting started. We think that by encouraging real in-person interactions we can better learn to connect with the world around us, whether that is person to person, person to business, or enterprise to enterprise. The way we utilize our 21st-century tool makes a difference, especially in the “new normal”, and that’s why if you aren’t using the new way to network, you’ll miss your chance to maximize your opportunities from the natural encounters that occur with those around you every day.

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