Viral Pandemics & Epidemics

The Fact about Viral Pandemics & Epidemics


Not all infectious microorganisms are created equal, some have offending pathogens more vicious and virulent than others.


Their classification based on the affected population depends on their transferability and malevolence.

Viral Pandemics & Epidemics
  • Pandemic – an epidemic that travels and has spread over multiple countries and continents.
  • Epidemic – a disease that is actively spreading and affects a large number of people within a region or population.
  • Endemic – something that belongs or constant to a particular country.
  • Outbreak – greater than the anticipated increase in the number of incidence of infection.

Viral Pandemics in History


  • Death Toll: >50 million
  • Cause: Variola virus
  • Designated as a New World disease


  • Death Toll: 40 – 50 million
  • Cause: Influenza
  • Infected a 3rd of the world with a mortality of 10 – 20%, affecting healthy young adults.

ASIAN FLU (1956 – 1958)

  • Death Toll: > 2 million
  • Cause: Influenza virus (H2N2 strain)
  • Originated in the Chinese province of Guizhou

FLU (1968)

  • Death Toll: > 1 million
  • Cause: Influenza virus (H3N2 strain)
  • Referred to as the Hong Kong flu, with 15% of the population infected.

HIV / AIDS (2005 – 2012)

  • Death Toll: 36 million since 1981
  • Cause: Human Immuno Deficiency Virus
  • First identified in 1976 in Republic of Congo with 5% of population is infected


  • Death Toll: > 500k and counting
  • Cause: Corona virus
  • Said to originate in Wuhan, China from pangolins and bats.

What These Mean To Us

Pandemics will come and go. Many might perish as well as survive. No one in this generation remembers another one like it. Enough has been written about the plight of the unemployed and the hunger of the poor. We will not forget the callousness of those who are indifferent to the health and well-being of others. We will not also forget our newfound heroes in the medical field. We also saw how miraculously the planet healed itself as people stopped all activities that destroy the harmony of nature.

This is almost similar to the homeostasis in our body. When we stop the vices, the bad habits and choose what is healthy for our body, then, our own immune system starts the process of repair and regeneration. We must eat healthy, hydrate with good fluids, enough sleep and rest, think positively, grow spiritually, and choose a good natural food supplement to supply what we lack.

This is where MX3, a natural food supplement, extracted from the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit, can help a lot of people. Studies done in Canada shows it is rich in Alpha, Beta and Gamma mangostin – exclusive nutrients from the fruit, which synergistically help fight infections. They can also help boost the immune system to prevent any serious complications. Try MX3 Plus capsule once or twice daily now and feel the difference! For more information, you may text us at 0918 8888 693 or go to God bless dear readers!

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Xanthones have three derivatives, which are alpha, beta, and gamma mangostin, which are all found in MX3.
Alpha-Mangostin – Exhibits antioxidant, antimicrobial, and antitumor activities.
Beta-Mangostin – improves mood and relieves stress
Gamma-Mangostin – Has the most powerful antioxidant property. It can reduce swelling and help relieve pain. It can also help prevent the obstruction and the clogging of arteries that lead to heart diseases and can benefit in lowering LDL (bad cholesterol).

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