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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Tomtoc and Tomtoc Coupons

What is Tomtoc?

Tomtoc is an inventive, technically knowledgeable, and popular plan-driven brand devoted to safeguarding your computerized gear. They are focused on building items in light of the client, under the umbrella of top-caliber, usefulness, defense, and specially designed for the ideal fit. You can safeguard the tech you depend on and improve a blissful computerized life in a hurry with Tomtoc.

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Is Tomtoc waterproof?

Yes, Tomtoc products are waterproof.

How do you clean a Tomtoc switch case?

Tomtoc items are planned and expressed to be machine washable, utilization of clothes washers can bring about harm not covered by our guarantee. Dryers are rarely suggested and harm won’t be covered under a guarantee.

When is Tomtoc founded?

Established in 2016, Tomtoc has been generally preferred by clients and a ton of definitive and powerful media everywhere. For instance, our Versatile Laptop Sleeve and Shoulder Bag Series were named “A Great Laptop Bag” by Wirecutter.

When is A13 first launched?

Tomtoc’s A13 was the first launched in the second half of 2016 and was their first masterpiece.

Was their A13 series their best seller?

Yes, their A13 was listed on the Best Seller list of Apple computer protective sleeves in the US during Christmas, and the Briefcase series won Amazon’s Choice. Because of this Tomtoc became the best-selling brand of laptop bags in North America.

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How do they solve the most challenging problem of laptop protection?

Tomtoc is immersed in designing its products by applying the curved corner protectors with flexible PE material to the four corners of the protective cover. Until the A13 series laptop sleeve with 360-degree protection was born.

How about their Commuting Bag Series?

With what they acquired in planning perfect and very defensive items, they kept on applying the abilities to plan our Commuting Bag series. More accomplices joined our group. They integrated more inventive examination in feel and led an inside and out the investigation of each texture, join, crease, and zipper – this added to an astounding and wonderful conveying experience.”Every time I open Tomtoc pack, I’m astonished, charmingly.” We appreciate making a surprise. In 2019, the Tomtoc iPad covers came to advertise and immediately made a name on Amazon. The first planned double mode screen – vertical screen mode and flat-screen mode made them once become Tomtoc’s most preferred items.

What product did they launch in late 2020?

In late 2020, they began to plan and work for ladies’ sack lines. Tomtoc accepts that capacity and excellence will coincide far superior. The way of thinking of the recently joined creator group for ladies’ pack is basic – There are numerous items intended for women, yet relatively few individuals truly figure out them. What’s more, we need to be one that makes the customized and best for them.

Does Tomtoc eco-friendly?

With restricted assets and steadily expanding utilization, a maintainable way of life is our anxiety. How can Tomtoc truly help it? In 2020, Tomtoc sent off the updated Recycled Collection – the smash-hit PC sleeve series – A13 and A42 lines have been both redesigned with RPET (reused polyethylene tetraphyte). Normally connected with a smoother contact and great mechanical properties, the new form drives us to investigate the way of excellence in natural sustainability. As of August 2021, the Tomtoc Recycled Collection series of PC sleeves have helped digest around 1,696,085 reused plastic containers. During the creation cycle, around 427,413421 tons of fossil fuel byproducts were diminished.

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What is Tomtoc’s return process?

“Step 1: Login your account at www.tomtoc.com, find the www.tomtoc.com Sales Order Number in your account (eg.TMCAB12345678909). Browse to our return form and select “I would like to return an item,” then click the “Start my return” button.

Step 2: On the next page, choose the eligible items you would like to return. Choose the closest reason for the return from the pull-down menu for each item to be returned. Submit your return.

Step 3: After your return and refund application has been approved, a return summary email will be sent to the email address we have on file. This will contain all the information you need, along with the additional steps listed below.

Step 4: Print out the Return Summary Email and include it with the item(s) you will return. Send your item(s) to return to the following address: Tomtoc c/o Returns 5595 Daniels Street, Unit A, Chino, CA 91710

Step 5: Submit a tracking number on the next page.

Step 6: Once received, returns take about 7-10 business days to process. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address on file once the return process is completed. Remember! Returned goods must be in perfect, unused condition with all original tags. Returns must be made within 30 days of purchase. “

How do they blend in with innovation and out-of-the-box trends?

“Toward the finish of 2017, the gaming stockpiling packs we intended for Nintendo Switch were conceived. When the examples came out, we were unable to adore them more ourselves. The slimmer and fitted defensive cases as they are, are brimming with defensive plans all around. We let go of playing with various coordinating and delivered 29 tones in a steady progression. The thoughts of Sailing Day and Summer on the Beach which are famous everywhere came from one minute of eccentricity.

Yet again it shocked the market, and we were valued by industry media like iMore, Wirecutter, NintendoSoup, and Minority, from there, the sky is the limit. We came to a phase with a blast of planning the most creative and motivational items. Aside from the slimmest cases, we planned travel cases with better capacity, regulator cases for the gaming control center and cases for better getting sorted out with 100 game cards. “It’s exhausting to do what everybody is doing.”

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How many users do they have?

Starting around 2021, 5 million clients have joined Tomtoc’s local area, which the establishing group didn’t envision back in 2016. Today Tomtoc has developed into a group of in excess of 100 individuals, and Tomtoc’s impression extended everywhere, with our on the web and disconnected deals divert in 20 nations including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Spain, and 10 more internet business stages like Amazon and eBay. We have workplaces in Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, Germany, Shenzhen, and different urban communities.

Does Tomtoc have a student discount?

Yes, they have a 15% student discount. Just verify your student status to gain access to the Tomtoc store and enjoy 15% OFF your order. For instant access to this discount simply register and verify your student status with Student Beans. It’s free! You can also visit us at Coupons Plus Deals for Tomtoc Coupons & Promo codes.

How much can I save with Tomtoc Coupons & Promo codes?

You can save an average of 15% at checkout with valid Tomtoc coupons.

How often do they release new Tomtoc coupons?

New Tomtoc coupons will be released throughout the month. You can especially find great Tomtoc coupons on big holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.

What are the best valid Tomtoc coupons that you can use?

To save your time, the top 3 first Tomtoc coupons are usually verified by our team Coupons Plus Deals.

Can I submit a Tomtoc Coupons & Promo code?

Coupons Plus Deals accept coupon code submissions for many stores. Please see our Contact Page for more details and to submit your Tomtoc coupons. Thank you very much!

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