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What are the Principles of how the Womb Music works?

The Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor (Wusic Tech) comprises a beneficiary unit that can distinguish the smallest of sounds inside the belly and conveys message results to a headset, earbuds, speaker, or presentation screen. A sound wave is communicated from the screen to the uterus in the mother’s paunch and reverberation is then gotten back when the sound wave bobs off of the child’s heart.

The distinction between these two signs (sound waves) is estimated to decide the child’s pulse. It utilizes sound waves to recognize the heartbeat-like how a dolphin finds things in the water. Since inside the belly is a child and a great deal of water the guideline is almost something very similar. This innovation is basically the same as the fetal doppler your PCP utilizes while checking the child during a specialist visit, with the exemption that the Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor (Wusic Tech) is intended for and alright for home use.

Wusic Tech

What is Wusic?

Wusic Tech was launched in 2013 to provide innovative and fun products to children Encourage families to feel included throughout pregnancy, reassure worried parents, and aids in early brain development through music and sounds. Wusic Tech has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 2007, you can be assured that your relationship with Wusic Tech will be a good one.

You’ll be able to see that our parent company, KMConsolidated, as well as our other brands, Womb Music, Wusic, Friendly Songs, and Kid Music, all have the same high standards for working with our customers. We also maintain only the highest security measures for our customer’s personal information.

Is the Womb Music Safe? / Has it been approved by the FDA/CE?

“The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) is extremely protected and is intended to be utilized for home use. It has been both FDA and CE affirmed. FDA Registration Number 3011572016 Nonetheless, it’s anything but a clinical gadget to be utilized rather than ordinary clinical exams by a specialist. “Ultrasound has been regularly utilized in obstetrics for over 30 years. There is no logical proof of any hurtful impacts on the child from the utilization of ultrasound during pregnancy.

It’s viewed as an extremely protected strategy since it doesn’t include possibly hurtful radiation, so ultrasound is alright for both mother and child.” as cited by the Mayo Clinic. Testing is persistently finished by various government offices including the FDA which has demonstrated this sort of checking meaningfully affects the child. While the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared this screen for “consistent use” we suggest balance with restricted use in short timespans minutes or less, rarely and fundamentally after the main trimester.

Assuming you are at any point concerned we suggest that you look for the direction of your primary care physician. The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) likewise doesn’t utilize radiation of any sort, just sound waves are utilized, to screen the child’s developments or heartbeat.”

What do Doctors about in-home devices like the Womb Music?

“A specialists advise against home gadgets to pay attention to the child’s pulse – what might be their anxiety? The essential worry from Doctors is that a client, with their own screen, won’t involve ordinary clinical specialists as they should which is the reason we explicitly suggest involving your primary care physician as your ONLY clinical exhortation. The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) IS NOT a clinical gadget. It is intended to be utilized to upgrade the holding experience between you, your family, and your child. It isn’t to be utilized as a clinical gadget or rather as an authorized specialist.

baby heartbeat monitor

What are the main benefits of using Womb Music?

“The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) was created to be utilized to assist mamas and their families withholding with their child during the pregnancy. We’ve decided to concentrate the elements of the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) on having the option to share the experience of hearing your child, sometime before the introduction of your child. Commonly the life partner and relatives don’t understand that a negligible human is filling in the mama’s midsection.

Once in a while, it doesn’t appear to be genuine until the child is really conceived. Yet, that changes fundamentally when you can partake in the experience of hearing the child move, kick, and particularly the child’s pulse with different individuals from your loved ones. The holding of the companion and family starts at a significantly sooner stage which upgrades the experience for the mother also.

Large numbers of the moms who’ve utilized the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) screen have told us in their surveys the amount they love the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) and the amount it assisted with lessening the mother’s uneasiness, particularly during the beginning phases of pregnancy before they might feel the child moving.”

I’m having twins, will this work for me?

“Indeed, the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) will work with twins, trios, and so forth likewise however here is one thing you ought to remember. Normally twins will be more modest than a solitary child at some random point during the pregnancy. So when you are searching for your twins, you’ll encounter things likewise to somebody who isn’t as far along, for example – assuming you are at about four months with twins it very well might be more similar to tuning in for them at 12 weeks for a solitary child.

In any case, other than that, the gadget ought to work something similar for you as any mama. You simply need to observe the child and accepting one isn’t before the other one you ought to have the option to track down unmistakable pulses for each. Remember that the screen has an extremely restricted concentration so when you observe a child’s pulse it comes in exceptionally clear. Yet, in the event that you move too rapidly or point/move it away from pointing at the child’s heart, it won’t be heard.

This is really something to be thankful for in light of the fact that it permits you to zero in on only each heartbeat in turn. It’s similar to utilizing a laser pointer versus a floodlight. The screen is more similar to a laser pointer in that when it is pointed right at the heart, you’ll hear it. So as long as the infants are not hindering each other you ought to have the option to find one and afterward move to one more situation to see as the other one.”

I’m a Plus Sized Mommy, will this work for me?

Yes, there shouldn’t be any reason it won’t work just as easily for you as anyone else. We also know that customers have reported that a full belly of water actually makes it easier to find and listen to your baby.

Do I need the Controller or just the Speaker or the Deluxe Package?

“The Womb Music Belly Speaker (Wusic Tech) System works utilizing a 3.5 mm sound jack which is genuinely normal in many gadgets. So assuming that your gadget has a 3.5 mm earphone jack or sound out jack then buying the Speaker Pack adaptation of our item ought to turn out great for you. In any case, what we find in the cell business particularly is that fabricates of mobile phones are eliminating the earphone jack and picking towards remote arrangements like Bluetooth.

wusic baby monitor

In light of that, we fostered the Womb Music Belly Speaker framework to likewise work with our Bluetooth Controller. This permits you to interface the speaker to the regulator and afterward sync your telephone to the regulator. The most ideal way to get the Speaker and the Controller is to buy the Deluxe Pack, which has everything. One more benefit of utilizing our Bluetooth Controller is that you have a boundless scope of volume control for BOTH the Baby and for You! By utilizing the regulator you can set the volume that you like and afterward on the gut speaker string, you can cut back the volume for the child.”

Can I use the Belly Speaker and a Microphone to speak directly to my Baby?

“Clearly, assuming you’ve proactively recorded music or sound that you need to play to your child, that is straightforward. However, imagine a scenario where you need to peruse to or converse with your child constantly, without having something pre-recorded. Indeed, that is additionally genuinely simple to do. Allow me to make sense of it. You can’t straightforwardly interface a mouthpiece to the midsection speaker without involving some kind of gadget in the middle. The speaker gets the sound from a gadget that puts out a typical sound sign.

The mouthpiece puts out a sound sign yet gets its ability to do such from a gadget (like a PC, tablet, or telephone). So we want to utilize a telephone or a PC to make this work. The simplest way is to associate your midsection speaker to your PDA and utilize your telephone amplifier to converse with your child. This may be completed in multiple ways. One way is to utilize the sound recorder on your telephone to record the sound of you perusing the child. Then, at that point, when you play that sound, the sound will come out through the midsection speaker.

Another way is assuming you are having a telephone discussion any sound that would be heard on your finish of the telephone would be played to the tummy speaker. You could utilize one more telephone to call your telephone, and afterward recently read/converse with the child straightforwardly without first recording the sound. The third and likely most ideal way is to utilize an application on your telephone. There are numerous applications like this so observe one you trust. We’ve tried utilizing an application called “Mic to Speaker” on an Android telephone.”

The Womb Music Controller doesn’t seem to turn on?

“The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Controller contains an inside battery that should be charged. We suggest charging it completely before your most memorable use. On the off chance that squeezing the Power On button for over 5 seconds and, delivering it, doesn’t turn on the regulator, then, at that point, doubtlessly the battery is drained and should be re-energized.

Kindly utilize the included USB Data/Charging link and any standard USB charger to re-charge the battery. The Battery LED pointer light will be lit while charging and will go out once it is completely energized. Likewise, while utilizing the regulator, it will report when the battery is getting low with the goal that you can interface it to the charger before it is completely drained. You can keep on utilizing the regulator while it is being charged assuming that you wish.”

Can the Womb Music Belly Speaker be used to hear the baby?

No, the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker System is utilized to have the option to play music, sound, and talk with your child. We offer another item called the Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor that permits you to pay attention to the sounds your child makes; like kicks and the child’s pulse.

Deluxe speaker

What volume setting should the Audio be for the Baby?

“Set the belly speaker volume to a low setting – We prescribe holding the speaker to your ear and changing the sound level of the source sound gadget to an open to listening level for you while the speaker is close to your ear. By doing this, what you’d hear is equivalent to what your child will hear. Recall that your child is in a liquid climate and sound voyages effectively in liquids so you don’t have to set it any stronger than whatever you’d need to pay attention to it assuming the speaker is close to your ear.

You have some control over the Belly Speaker volume autonomously of the source sound by changing the volume control on the speaker. When the volumes are changed, then apply the tacky gel cushion to the speaker, and afterward, put the speaker to your midsection. Assuming you’d likewise prefer to pay attention to the music/sound you want to associate your earphones to one of the two given earphone jacks so you can tune in with your child. The result from the midsection speaker is for the child, not for the guardians.”

How long does the controller battery last on a full charge?

“The regulator’s inner battery ought to be completely energized utilizing the included USB charging link before its most memorable use. When completely energized, the LED battery light will go out. On a full charge, the battery should go on around 10 hours of playing time. Make certain to switch it off when not being used or utilize the SLEEP mode to naturally switch it off following 30 minutes.”

Is the Womb Music Belly Speaker System waterproof?

“The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker and the Womb Music Belly Speaker Controller are not Waterproof however it is Water Resistant with an IPX4 rating. Whenever an item is alluded to as water-safe, it implies it can endure the impacts of downpours, snow, and another wet climate, however here’s the main point – – it ought not to be lowered in the water.

Interestingly, when an item is alluded to as waterproof it implies the part is intended to endure absolute submersion in water, which the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker and Controller are not intended for. We suggest that you utilize a delicate dry material to clean the Womb Music off after use and try not to utilize cleanser/soap and water that could enter the unit if you are not careful.”

How does the Sleep Mode work on the Controller?

“On the off chance that you might want to nod off while utilizing the Controller and Speaker, basically press the Sleep button one time. This will place it into Sleep Mode. Whenever it’s activated, the regulator will keep on playing music for around 30 minutes. During the most recent 5 minutes of the rest break, the controller will start to diminish the volume so particularly that as it turns down, the volume is around 25% of what you had been paying attention to. By then, the regulator self-control is off until you power it back on physically. To end the Sleep Mode without switching off the regulator, essentially press the Sleep button once more and it will get back to typical activity.”

How do I Charge the Belly Speaker Controller Battery / Lost the Charging Cord?

“The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker Controller uses a rechargeable battery that is internal to the controller and not replaceable. The battery can be recharged by using the supplied USB Data/Charging Cord. Simply connect one end to the controller and the other end to a standard USB charger. If you should lose your charging cord, any standard USB cord with the same connections should be able to be used to recharge your controller.”

Is the Belly Speaker like a Fetal Doppler?

“No, the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker system is a speaker designed to allow you to play music, your voices, etc to your baby. Wusic Tech also makes the Womb Music Heartbeat Monitor which works similar to the fetal doppler your doctor uses to listen to the baby. The Heartbeat Monitor sold by Wusic Tech allows you to hear your baby’s heartbeat and other sounds while still in your mother’s belly. But the Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker system doesn’t listen to the baby, it only plays sounds to the baby.”

fetal doppler

Is there any exposure to radiation in the baby?

The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Belly Speaker and gel cushion is the main thing that is in touch with the mother’s paunch. The speaker has nothing yet the sound emerging from it so it’s exceptionally alright for both you and your child. The Womb Music (Wusic Tech) Bluetooth Controller additionally doesn’t discharge radiation of any kind. It utilizes Bluetooth, like the kind of headset/earbud you would use on your head, to interface with your telephone. While this is likewise extremely protected, the regulator isn’t in touch with the mother’s midsection not a worry for the child is as well.

How much can I save with Wusic Tech Coupons & Promo codes?

You can save an average of 15% at checkout with one valid Wusic Tech coupon.

How often do they release new Wusic Tech coupon codes?

New coupons will be released throughout the month. You can especially find great coupons on big holidays like Black Friday, Halloween, Cyber Monday, and more.

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What is the best valid Wusic coupon that you can use?

To save your time, the top 3 first Wusic Tech coupons are usually verified by our team Coupons Plus Deals.

Can I submit a Wusic Tech Coupons & Promo Code?

Coupons Plus Deals accept coupon code submissions for many stores. Please see our Contact Page for more details and to submit your discount. Thank you very much!

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