Online Lotto PCSO in the Philippines

Online Lotto PCSO in the Philippines, are you familiar or not? The Philippines is an exceptional tourist destination that captivates both nature lovers and gambling fans. And Lotto is one of the commonly known forms of gambling. 

In this article, we will give out more details on how the online lotto PCSO was first authorized in the country of Philippines, what games it includes, its security, and more. We will lead you through the top lotto online sites accessible and will impart in detail how you could join them and what awaits you there. 

Online gambling websites in the Philippines are not totally controlled by the government; therefore, a lot of online gambling operators are not worth the try. Always choose lotto online websites that are trustworthy and licensed by respected authorities.

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What are the Best Online Lotto PCSO Sites in the Philippines?

We always try to emphasize the details that have attested to be crucial to gamblers. We made no exception to this guide about legit online lottery Philippines. We used our knowledge to explore some of the most known gambling platforms in the Philippines. We tried to consider how they incorporate Filipino players’ features most. 

Are you looking for secured casinos? You can choose from the legit online casinos in our list as the best gambling operators.

Here are the Top 5 Best Legit Online Lottery Sites in the Philippines:

  2. 20 Bet
  3. 888 Casino
  4. PNX Bet
  5. Cloud Bet
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According to our analysis, there are several sites for the online lottery in the Philippines that deserve to be ranked in higher positions. However, only a few websites for online lotto PCSO in the Philippines are recognized as being included in the list of top legit online lottery sites. Be sure that we give close attention to the utmost details. 

For more details, check this out 

First, we want to ensure that you have a secure gambling environment. We chose those sites for online lotto PCSO in the Philippines because they are licensed and have the necessary safety features.


 Needless to say, we chose the ones that offer the best form of online lotto games.

What to Consider in Choosing the Best Online Lottery Site in the Philippines?

Security and authenticity come first in terms of playing with real money, whether it’s a lotto or a casino game. The following are the major criteria you should be aware of before heading to any of the best online lottery sites in the Philippines:

  • Online operator’s security and safety
  • Legit, trusted, and available payment methods
  • Interesting collection of lottery games
  • Mobile-friendly

Each of the sites included for online lotto in the Philippines has been analyzed based on these criteria. The best online lottery sites are licensed and regulated by respected authorities and are open to all Filipino players.

Lottery Mobile Apps in the Philippines

Playing the online lottery in the Philippines can be both fun and beneficial. 

It’s up to you if you’re going to the actual facility or, rather, entering an online lottery site in the comfort of your home. Most lottery sites nowadays are mobile and user-friendly. That’s why Filipino bettors are pleased to play on the go! The best online lottery sites offer convenient online lottery play for iPhones and Android devices. They’re easy to enter, offer a great online lottery experience, and other excellent features players would love. Here are the best Lotto mobile Apps in the Philippines:

online lotto pcso
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We highly recommend you give the mobile lotto app a try! The mobile version offers the same software interface and cool design, and you get to play all your favorite games and try your luck for the big prices. Also, it is easy to log in and manage your winnings via the app. Filipino players enjoy combining lotto with bingo when it comes to mobile play. Fortunately, there are a lot of operators, where you can play online bingo in the Philippines.

The Most Popular Lottery Games in the Philippines

There are many online lotteries draws available and some are more popular than others. In the Philippines, there have been a lot of Jackpots for lottery online in the Philippines hit by natives, which has made them rich and famous. Most of the lucky winners got their cash prizes from land-based lottery facilities. You can go for 6/45, 6/49, 6/55 – the choice is all yours. You could also try your luck online via our recommended sites for the lottery online in the Philippines! Now, let’s have a look at the popular lotto games in the Philippines, draw schedule and the big jackpot prizes that awaits you:

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649 pcso lotto result
grand lotto pcso lotto result
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2D pcso lotto result
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6D pcso lotto result


The lottery is pretty much a game of chance – there is no specific algorithm to be followed or a set of numbers that should definitely be the next lucky ones. It is mostly up to a person’s intuition and luck. Get your lucky charm and sage and start buying tickets! We believe in you!

The jackpots that we’ve mentioned earlier are legit – these are probably some of the biggest jackpots in the Philippines. They’re built by…well, players like you! For every ticket that you buy, the money goes into the jackpot. Imagine how many people bought tickets for the prize to reach P809-million?

Payments and Withdrawals for Online Lotto

There are many safe ways to manage your money. Our recommended sites for lottery online in the Philippines offer some of the best payment methods, available for Philippine players. Often, people rely on eWallets and an easy and manageable payment option. Neteller and Skrill are the most used and preferred by foreigners and natives. However, you could also use a debit or credit card, depending on your preferences. You can find the most popular payment methods in the section below:

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As mentioned, Neteller and Skrill are two of the most commonly used payment methods. They are a great alternative to another popular eWallet – PayPal, which is not available in all our recommended best online lottery sites. You can easily register and manage your deposits, withdrawals and winnings on desktop, as well as on mobile devices. Filipinos should be aware that by playing at offshore gambling websites, it is possible that they should use a different currency. The Philippine peso is the native currency, but when playing at Lotto sites, you should prepare euros (€) or pound (£) to manage your finances.



Is Online Lottery Legal in the Philippines?

The legal situation in the Philippines might seem a little difficult to explain. For starters, gambling in the Philippines is forbidden for native players. There are specific gambling activities that are illegal, and most of them take place in a land-based facility, where natives are not allowed. Land-based casinos and Lottos are mostly targeted towards tourists. When it comes to online gambling, there are some restrictions, yet, there are offshore online casinos and lotto sites that allow Filipino players to join in on the fun.

We will do our best to keep you updated on the legal situation on the islands and on any future law changes. You can find more information in our article dedicated to gambling in the Philippines. Despite the slight unclarity of the legal situation, natives can still enter offshore sites and have fun. Of course, if they are of legal age, which leads us to the next topic.

Minimum Age to Play Online Lotto in the Philippines

As a Filipino, you’re not allowed to play land-based or online Lotto if you’re not 21 or older. This also applies to other gambling activities, such as slots, jackpots, popular table games and others. It is hard to fool the system, as some operators of lotto online in the Philippines require a copy of your personal document, whether ID card or passport. So, don’t try to be sneaky!

Lotto Privacy Policy

You can be sure that your money and personal information will be kept safe while playing at the lotto site of choice. Our recommended Lotto operators are licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority and the GBGA. Also, lotto and casino sites that are open to Filipinos are strictly controlled by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). The operators for online lotto in the P Philippines are secure, trustworthy and worth the try. Make sure you keep an eye on the listed authorities when choosing a Lotto site and do your research before jumping into a site that might be a scam!

Enjoy Various Online Lotto Sites in the Philippines

Whether you’re native or not, the sites for online lottery in the Philippines we’ve mentioned above would definitely grab your attention. The Philippines may have a lot of restrictions and tight laws when it comes to land-based and online forms of gambling, but we still recommend it as a top gambling destination to everyone. Online Lotto sites are gaining more popularity and we think it’s a must for you to try at least once. Same is valid for casino sites in the country and you can also grab the best casino bonuses too! Anyway, back to the topic, our top recommended lotto site is:

The Lotto Online Philippines operator gives you the ultimate lotto experience, providing great games, superb promotions and a good time. You can always switch it up when you don’t want to play lotto games – there is a fine selection of slots, table games, jackpots and more to explore. Highly recommend!

FAQ’s about Lotto:

As much as we’ve tried to cover everything on the topic, there might be something that we might have missed along the way. We’ve created this FAQ section for your convenience, where we hope you will find the answer you’re looking for.

Is gambling legal in the Philippines?

Gambling is not entirely legal for native players. Land-based gambling is forbidden for Filipinos. Online gambling is also strictly regulated, but there are offshore Lotto sites that are legal and regulated and welcome players from the Philippines. We will keep you updated when there are any new regulations.

What are recommended Legit Best Lotto Sites for FiliPinoy players?

There are a lot of offshore gambling sites available that are open to players from the Philippines. This includes also lotto operators, which are gaining popularity. In our guide here, we’ve included the best Lotto sites for Filipino players that we recommend and have checked based on our professional criteria.

Is Online Lotto available on mobile?

Yes, you can also play Lotto games on mobile. Most of our recommended Lotto sites offer a native or a web-based app that is available for iOS and Android. You can play some of your favorite games on the go! Have a look at the best Lotto app in the text above.

How to choose the Best Online Lotto site in the Philippines?

This is not a very easy task. First, be sure that you have the PH legal gambling age. Then, you can observe the top sites for online lotto Philippines that we have listed. Always check the safety features carefully to be sure that your gaming session is secure enough.

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If you have any questions, suggestions or maybe additional information about Online Lotto PCSO in the Philippines, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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